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Corpus JCR passed a motion this Sunday to mandate a college-wide competitive blanket fort fundraiser.

In return for an entry fee, which will be donated to charity, students will compete to construct forts made from pillows and/or blankets. The winning entry will be give either a bottle of wine or a printed cushion.

Amber Barton, the proposer of the motion, said: “As avid blanket fort engineers ourselves, we decided (whilst inside a blanket fort of course) that we would enjoy the opportunity to share the experience with others in college, raising money for charity and combating exam stress whilst doing so.

“The criteria are likely to be structural integrity, quirkiness, effective use of space, interior decoration and ‘good vibes’. We are leaving the provision of supplies to each group in the hope that this will encourage some creative ideas!”

The motion noted that “Oxford is hard and blankets are soft” and that “building forts can grant students valuable life skills”, and was subsequently passed without any objections or debate by the JCR.

The link between building blanket forts and giving to charities was a belief of the JCR that “charities deserve blanket coverage”, naturally leading to a call for a charity blanket fort competition.

Charlie Dennis, a Corpus fresher said: “I think it’s a brilliantly cosy way of raising money for charity.”

Nam Phuong Dinh, Corpus Christi’s charities representative, was also pleased with the motion: “As JCR charities rep I am obviously overjoyed that members are taking [this] initiative…This motion just goes to show how many charitable things are going on at Corpus.”

Rumours are also abound that some members of Corpus will try and take the world record for biggest blanket fort, currently held by a team from San Diego who built a fort which was 475 feet long and required over 3500 feet of PVC pipe.

There have not as yet been any confirmation of what the blanket forts will be used for once they have been constructed, but Wikipedia has usefully listed potential activities for within blanket forts as: “reading, playing board games, watching a movie or making out.”

We wait to see if Corpus students will follow Wikipedia’s recommendations.


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