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St Hugh’s College raised over £1150 at an auction of ‘promises’ last Friday, with proceeds going to a charity supporting education in East Africa.

Students at the College bid on favours that other students and members of staff had promised to fulfill, with bids ranging from £7 for an ‘Avatar Sci-Fi Makeover’ to £47 for ‘an awful lot of baklava’.

Amy Arin, the JCR charities Rep and co-organiser of the event, said: “The night went fantastically with incredible generosity both from those who put forward promises and bidders. It also seemed great fun for everyone that came, especially when it came to the more unusual promises.”

Other promises made were a ‘romantic dinner date’ with JCR President Tom Pope, coaching on how to solve a Rubiks cube, and a student pledging not to be sarcastic for a day.

By far the most sought after promise, however, was made by the Principal of St Hugh’s, Dame Elish Angiolini. Her offer of a dinner for two, served by candlelight by the Principal herself and homemade by her husband, went for a whopping £100. The buyer, William Golightly, a second year historian, also spent £50 on an afternoon tea for four provided by two third years, Lucy Goodwin and Amy Sharkey. When faced with the suggestion that he had a penchant for being waited on, Golightly declined to comment.

Having been informed that the promises could be adapted to make them more appealing for the bidders, host of the evening Matt Handley was quick to pressure St Hugh’s JCR Secretary Luke Jones into offering to film nearly all the promises.

Jones, a second year Geologist, who had originally offered to follow someone around for 24 hours and make a documentary about them, told The OxStu: “so it turns out I’m filming for half of the promises, which is fantastic news. The best bit is I don’t even have a camera!”

Gemma Robson, JCR Vice-President, added:  “We are really happy with how the event went and how much money we raised for READ international. READ is a fantastic charity which works to improve education in East Africa through book donations and renovations of school buildings. This money will make a huge difference to many young people in impoverished regions who otherwise would have no opportunity to get the education they need.”


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