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wahooPolice arrested a man at Wahoo several weeks ago who was reportedly using cocaine in the club during a Fuzzy Duck club night.

Thames Valley Police have confirmed that they arrested a 19-year-old man at Wahoo Bar at 00.20am on 24th January on suspicion of possessing a controlled Class A drug and the individual was later released with a caution.

Pete Mortimore, General Manager of CB operations, the company which owns Wahoo, distanced the company from the incident commenting: “We have a zero tolerance stance on drug use and drug possession.

“All of the staff, from the bar staff right through to the security staff on sight take a proactive stance against drug use and ensure that anyone using will be handed over to the police.  We work very closely with Thames valley police through various initiatives to ensure that this on-going issue is minimised.”

An anonymous witness to the arrest said: “I was waiting in the queue when I saw two bouncers drag a guy who looked about 20 out, force him to put his hands on a table and proceed to search him throroughly.

“They pulled out his wallet and, from underneath one of his cards produced a thin white film, after which they proceeded to call the police who promptly arrested him and took him away in a police car. To sate my curiosity I called over the bouncer to ask what the guy had on him, to which he replied that he’d been caught with cocaine.”

Fuzzy Ducks, which describes itself as the UK’s most famous student night, was voted the easiest place to pull in the UK by men’s magazine FHM and was held at the O2 academy in East Oxford for many years.

However during that time residents reported unruly behaviour including, vandalism, violence and people urinating in resident’s gardens following the club nights which led police to extend patrols on Wednesday nights citing Fuzzy Ducks as the reason.

Ben Cheryl Llewelyn, a regular Fuzzy Ducks club-goer commented that this gave an unfair impression of the club night: “It’s quite a messy night but usually very safe and a good laugh.

“I’ve only ever had good nights there and as far as I’m aware all the staff do everything they can to make sure it’s a fun and safe place to be!  I’ll definitely be going back.”

Holly Meehan, a regular club-goer from Keble, disagreed, commenting: “Wahoo isn’t my favourite club as it is.  I find it sticky and the clientele don’t usually reach my high standards.

“This incident has only confirmed my suspicions and I will not be visiting this establishment until they turn over a new life and say no to drugs.”

A spokesperson for Fuzzy Ducks said they were unaware the incident had taken place, and did not wish to comment further.


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