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womcam kathrynTeddy Hall this week declared that bare breasts had no place in their JCR, after passing a JCR motion to cancel their subscription to The Sun.

Voting in favour of the nationwide ‘No More Page 3’ campaign, the College resolved to boycott the paper until the feature is discontinued.

120 people are estimated to have attended the meeting, and the motion passing with 11 against and a further 21 abstentions.

The ‘No More Page 3’ campaign has so far gathered over 83,000 signatures, with student unions who have joined the boycott including LSE and Manchester University.

Margery Infield, JCR president at Teddy Hall, commented: “This is not about preventing JCR members from having access to The Sun, but it’s about making a public stand against the objectification of women in the pages of the largest-selling national newspaper. Teddy Hall JCR has decided that it does not wish to buy a newspaper that objectifies women in this way.”

Those opposing the motion voiced concerns over potential unemployment affecting the newspaper’s topless models, and comparisons were also made to images of naked models appearing in fashion magazines.

Michael Rundle, who opposed the motion, said: “The only reason papers should be either acquired or removed from the JCR is readership; otherwise we’re making content judgments on the news the JCR receives.”

Further controversy was sparked, however, when a copy of The Sun was found amongst the other newspapers that the JCR subscribes to on Tuesday, after the motion had been passed.

The paper was allegedly purchased by Teddy Hall JCR Butler, Derek, a member of the College Staff, because he objected to the way that he had been informed of the motion. It found in the JCR marked “Derek’s copy – do not remove”.

A Teddy Hall student, who wished to remain anonymous, commented: “The JCR Butler bought The Sun with his own money and placed it with the other papers the JCR subscribe to […] he seemed to misunderstand what the motivation for the boycott was, and said he would stop doing it if it was explained in a letter to him what the boycott was about.”

They emphasised, however, that “there is no ill will toward the JCR Butler as everyone knows he hadn’t been at the meeting, so didn’t hear the reasons behind the objection to The Sun”.

Phillippa Hibbs, a spokesperson for ‘No More Page 3’ commented: “We’re absolutely delighted to hear that Teddy Hall JCR has voted to boycott The Sun on the basis that the casual misogyny displayed by Page 3 is against its ethos of equality and respect.”




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