How to (ab)use your vac freedom

Pillow forts are encouraged.

Unless you keep to an almost military standard of discipline, all the good intentions of Eighth Week such as ‘this holiday I will use my time wisely’, ‘perfect time for some CV-enhancing work experience’, or even ‘I should probably read a poem, at least’, are absolutely impossible to maintain. Anyone facing the prospect of reading more than 120 pages per day for the next month will certainly be evading all mention of work in favour of fruitlessly watching the freedom pass by. Here are five things that are better to do than work:

1. Sleeping

Ideally, you can plan ahead for next term on this front. If you sleep for more hours now, you’re effectively building up credit, giving you more working hours during term time. Besides, your family have probably already turned off the central heating on account of its being ‘Spring’ now, leaving you absolutely zero incentive to leave your cocoon of relative warmth and comfort.

2. The Internet

This is now your prime free time to obsess over celebrities/places/cat pictures. Endless hours can be spent watching every video you can find of Jennifer Lawrence being hilariously adorable or scrolling down the Daily Mail sidebar of shame, searching for any celebrity shambles that can make your own life seem less terrible.

3. Eat

Stock up on your favourite home-cooked delicacies, bake continually if your access to cooking facilities at college is limited, or just enjoy watching someone else slave away over your meals and subsequent washing up. You may be thinking that the vac is perfect time to start dieting for the summer months, but Trinity will probably prove this to be a wasted effort (what with all the ice cream), so don’t waste this perfect opportunity to eat.

4. Meet up with a dwindling number of friends from home

You have a lot of work to do this holiday and who better to complain to about this overload than your friends from home? Sure, they’re also at university and have their own worries but, seriously, your workload is going to stun them into silence and sympathy. They will probably also be in awe of the various ways you’ve devised to avoid uni responsibilities.

5. Watch your favourite show from beginning to end

Need something to do whilst staying in bed that isn’t sleeping? TV is your answer. Marathon TV sessions, especially with friends and food, are ideal for achieving all of your work avoidance goals. Depending on how long your fave series is – for example, if it is, tragically, only a season long – you may be able to fit several of these marathons into your busy schedule.

Following these five steps should probably keep you busy until Collections panic sets in.