Dinner Arty Conversation: CUBISM


Need To Know

•  The first of the 20th century abstract art movements. Predominantly Parisian and big on guitars, vases and, y’know, cubes. Subjects are deconstructed and carefully reassembled as though seen from several viewpoints simultaneously, rejecting traditional methods of perspective in favour of offering a ‘mind’s eye’ or ‘total view’ of the subject. Abstract style of cubist work offset by candid titles such as ‘Violin and Candlestick’ and ‘Woman’s Head’.

Sound Clever

• “I mean, thank God for Leonard Lauder… Cubism is such a critical chapter in the story of modern art which, until now, The Met was sorely lacking.”

Don’t Say

• “What the Fauconnier is that supposed to be? Sort it out, Pablo.”

IMAGE/Philip Absolon