The first of May offers much to look forward to in Oxford, and the celebrations should fit seamlessly into your schedule.

The tradition of staying awake all night should be no problem for most students with a looming essay deadline, and, having finished that nocturnal disappointment, the desire for a drink is entirely natural. Thankfully, pubs across town open early, at around 5 or 6 am, with the Turl Street Kitchen promising to stay open all night to help you slake your thirst. It’s a wonder they don’t open like this regularly.

If you make it as far as Magdalen at 6, in a tired, drunken haze, you can bear witness to their college choir singing ‘traditional madrigals’.

Try to avoid the Magdalen Bridge ‘tradition’ (something that started in the 1970s doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘tradition) of jumping into the Cherwell, it being both actually dangerous and rather soggy. Also there are police to stop any daring, suicidal ruffians.

Later there will be general revelry, including more Morris Dancing than you will ever need to see in your life. However, if you take advantage of the pubs in the morning, the whole day will be entertaining, or, at least, endurable.


 Photo/Danny Chapman