Massive rise in money donated to RAG

rag posterThis week it was announced that Oxford RAG has raised £91,725.25 for charity over the past year.

This can be seen as a substantial increase, given the total amount raised during the previous two years amounted to approximately £150,000.

Oxford RAG thanked the student body in the announcement, stating: “We’d like to say a huge thank you for all your support as this is a fantastic achievement and couldn’t have been done without your help.

“We look forward to raising even more money for our new set of charities over the next year.”

The figure follows a year of intensive fundraising and was announced via e-mail on Monday. £36,000 of the money raised has been distributed equally among the four charities chosen by Oxford students last year. These included Jacari, Helen and Douglas House, Oxford Crisis Skylight and the Against Malaria Foundation.

Others charities supported this year included Oxfam and the Royal British Legion.

The remainder of money was given to other charities after being raised in raids or specific events such as the Hitch and the RAG Ball.

OUSU Vice President for Charities and Community Sarah Santhosham praised all involved in the raising of the sum.

She said: “The RAG total is a truly inspiring amount and much credit goes to the RAG committee for all their hard work.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in an event, sponsored a friend or supported us and we look forward to raising an even larger amount next year!”

Santhosham explained where some of the money would go: “It has been wonderful to hear from the charities to explain where the funds will go: from covering the costs to tutor 300 local schoolchildren for four months, to protecting 6,300 people from malaria, to providing art materials for a year’s worth of classes for homeless people in Oxford.”

The most successful fundraiser in the last year was the newly instituted Jailbreak raising £21,031.11

Two other successful schemes were Movember and Cycle the Cape, raising £18,593 and £15,000 respectively.

Following an election earlier this year, it has been decided that the charities to be focused on by Oxford RAG over the next twelve months are Giving What We Can, Students Supporting Street Kids, Education Partnerships Africa and the Oxford Food Bank