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Wadham entz reps Roseanne Chantiluke and Hannah Smith give the low-down on Wadstock ’13


Can you sum up the Wadstock experience in a pithy one-liner?

We tried for ages to create a line and to come up with a catch-phrase to sell the event and the only thing we can conclude from those hours of fun is that Wadstock cannot be contained within a pithy one liner.


What can we expect from Wadstock 2013?

A huge range of music. The lineup is more diverse than ever with reggae, folk, rock, metal, funk, soul and more, plus dance, poetry and loads of activities off stage; face painting, vintage clothes stalls, ice cream and Oxfam fun a-plenty.


What should we be wearing to Wadstock this year?

Anything! There’s no definitive theme for Wadstock this year so feel free to wear whatever makes you feel funky and fabulous (and comfortable, of course!) Given that Wadstock is, essentially a Wadham homage to the infamous Woodstock festival, hippy gear is always appreciated but is by no means a must.


Trinity term means exam o’clock. Is this a problem for Wadstock?

This is what makes Wadstock so special: it is the last opportunity for those with prelims and finals to go wild before they go into hibernation. They’re aware of the fact, and it gives them more of an incentive to come




Which one act is your pick of the Wadstock crop this year?

Hannah: My personal pick is Jah-cub, because that’s a great pun and because he and his eight piece band are so incredibly passionate about the reggae music they produce. Don’t Go Plastic also blew us away when they played for us.

Roseanne: Keep your eyes peeled for the Keble three-piece rock band, Don’t Go Plastic. This high-octane, energetic group of talented musicians will blow you away. They can cover rock classics impeccably and their original songs are also fantastic.



Last year the Isle of Wight festival organiser John Giddings said the UK was “over-saturated” with music festivals. What does the Wadstock team think about this? 

Wadstock remains as essential and unique within the Oxford music scene as it has ever been. No other college holds anything like it and it is a key reflection of Wadham’s character as a whole. It’s also a brilliant manner for loads of Oxford bands to come together and produce something special in a beautiful location and gives them great exposure in front of 800 guests.

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