OxCockSoc Founded

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This week saw the formation of Oxford Cocktail Society, a university wide cocktail appreciation society which is the first society of its kind in Oxford.

The Society has grown to boast a few hundred members in its first week and has plans to host events in the full range of cocktail bars that Oxford has to offer.

So far this term the committee has arranged to co-host a cocktails evening with the Classics Society in first week as well as planning an Oxford Cocktail Bar Crawl for 3rd Week.

The Society’s President, Cai Gwyn Wilshaw, commented that “Cocktails are, without a shadow of a doubt, the finest blend of fruit juice, alcohol, and other dubious mixers yet to be discovered by humanity.”

“I was both shocked and appalled to discover that no such society has yet been founded, and so took it upon myself to rectify the situation.”


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