Oxclusive: Clubber Steve hits Junction


It’s not every evening that a drink with the OxStu Features Editor turns into a madcap night with Clubber Steve, but that’s exactly what happened tonight at a post-meeting Spoons rendezvous. Queuing to buy a pair of Black Dragons, it was to the great surprise of your trusty OxStu reporters that the city’s premier nightclub blogger,  Clubber Steve, should appear at the end of the bar, waiting patiently for his favourite tipple, one vodka and coke too many.

With thanks to clubbersteve.wordpress.com
Clubber Steve on tour

So what makes a Clubber Steve night tick? We couldn’t have been better placed to find out…

8.10 pm: Enter ‘Spoons to meet your friends. Get queuing, because time not drinking is time wasted!

8.20 pm: Grab that drink. Bottoms up! Don’t go onto the next one too quickly though!

8.24 pm: Bump into two journalists from the Oxford Tab.. and two from the Oxford Student!

At this point, we couldn’t but fear that we’d intruded on another Tabsclusive. Journalistic etiquette, of course, dictated that we allow our rivals to get on with the story, if, indeed, it was a story at all. With this in mind, we asked the Tab editor whether they were taking Clubber Steve out.

“No,” she replied. “He’s taking us out!”

Not a scoop, then, but the logical extension of the Tab’s coverage of Clubber Steve: he might self-proclaimedly club ‘at boob level’, but this evidently hasn’t stopped him whisking away the two ladies from the Tab on his nightly revels.

Clubber Steve had the world-weary look of a man for whom celebrity is secondary to his art. The Ringo Starr of the cheese floor, however, submitted to a brief – Oxclusive – interview.

“I didn’t like Clem’s the first four or five times I went,’ he confided. “But it gets better.”

It seemed Clubber Steve was more of a Junction fan, and that was where he was heading this evening. You heard it here first, folks, Junction Fridays are the place to be.


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