Dinner Arty Conversation: Renaissance Art

Ever feel like the only ignoramus in a roomful of culture aficionados? If you can’t be a buff, learn to bluff…


Need To Know

•The emergence of the Renaissance art movement marked a cultural shift from the 14th to the mid-17th centuries and the birth of the Modern era.

Leonardo, Raphael, Botticelli and others focused on the beauty of nature, devoting attention to light, shadow, perspective and the human anatomy (looking at you, da Vinci). This contributed to the general move towards realism in the arts, and many renaissance pieces remain big favourites today – the Mona Lisa’s estimated worth is now around a billion dollars. Smile.

Sound Clever

• “…and she thought Baroque and Renaissance were the same! The writing’s really on the wall there, eh Belshazzar.”

Don’t Say

• “Who were these chaps Michael and Angelo? Sound like a pair of dodgy ice cream vendors.”