No jumpers, but Mayday revelry continues at Magdalen

frontpageMore than 6000 revellers braved the early morning start to celebrate May Day on Magdalen Bridge yesterday.

Traditional celebrations took place, with Magdalen College choir singing the ‘Hymnus Eucharistus’ from the top of the tower at 6am. Clear skies meant this coincided with the sunrise.

However no one engaged in the ‘tradition’ of jumping off the bridge into the Cherwell, a success of Council security for the third year running.

The bridge was again open to pedestrians, following its reopening three years ago, after five years of closure on May Day. It was howeverclosed to traffic between 4:30am and 9am.

Ceri Gorton, Cultural Development Manager at Oxford City Council, said: “We [opened] up the city again so everyone [could] take part in the event together, in a safe and enjoyable environment. May Morning has always been led by the people of Oxford and is about everyone joining in the fun.

Many establishments opened early to offer breakfast, whilst traditional music and dancing began behind the University Church in Radcliffe Square from 6:15am.

A St John’s second year English student commented: “I’ve always had a tragically low sperm count, so May Day’s fertility-based rituals offered an unmissable opportunity for me. It was only this morning that I watched those Morris dancers prance about on Magdalen Bridge, but I already feel capable of inseminating a horse.”