Top 5: Marvel characters who should get their own movie


At the moment, Marvel can simply can do no wrong. Everything they touch seems to turn into gold, all across the board. The X-Men franchise is looking strong after First Class provided the boost that it needed after a lacklustre Wolverine Origins, while The Amazing Spider-man rebooted with a fresher, better Peter Parker and cooler, snarkier Spidey. And that’s not even touching on the ludicrous, ridiculous, outstanding heaps of fun that the Avengers, and more recently, Iron Man 3 brought to our screens.  A lot of heroes; a lot of fun.

Which begs the question, who do Marvel have left in the bag? Is there anyone that deserves their own film, or at the very least to get rebooted? Good question. Here are five Marvel heroes who deserve to chill with the big boys in the Avengers, or at the very least, show Ghost Rider how it’s done.


The best way to describe Deadpool would be to say that he is like a coked up, more scathing, antiheroic version of Spiderman with a ridiculous ego complex and a terrific lack of morals, very likely to kill the guy in front of him for jokes. In the comics, he also breaks the fourth wall with surprising abandon and often wonders what colour his speech bubbles are (they’re yellow).

Deadpool is a phenomenal character who inspires an almost unparalleled fan base amongst readers. He quips while he kills, and he kills a lot. And somehow, everyone still ends up rooting for him. The self-titled Merc With A Mouth should be number 1 on Marvel’s to-do list.


Anyone who used to watch the Ultimate X-Men cartoons as a child will immediately know who Gambit is. He’s a total badass. Usually decked out in a leather duster, sporting a bandana, Gambit, or Remy LeBeau, has the ability to transmit immense amounts of kinetic energy into almost anything he wants. Usually, he chooses playing cards; which gives him the immeasurably cool ability to have them levitate in an electric purple haze before he throws them at his targets. These usually result in massive explosions that always end up looking really cool. And he has a Bo staff. What more could you ask for?

The Punisher

Frank Castle’s tale has now morphed into the archetypal revenge story; he watches his wife and children murdered by gangsters, so undergoes a drastic change of moral code and decides to take back the fight against crime in the most viciously aggressive way possible. Murder, torture, extortion and kidnapping are all absolutely fine as long as they get the job done. The Punisher has already had three shots at movie glory, but none of them have done particularly well.

Now however, is the perfect time for a reboot. The film is dying for a dark, gritty take a la Dark Knight, and the audience is now ready for brutal kill scenes a la Kick-Ass. Perfect.


Bobby Drake aka Iceman was in the X-Men movies, but they tended to gloss over him. One of the slightly less prominent members of the X-Men, Drake is still a quality character who probably deserves his own movie. Mouthy and boyish, he slots nicely into the Spiderman category of heroes, but his subzero powers mean that he packs a serious punch in a fight and could lay the potential for some spectacular fight scenes.


Come on. Nightcrawler. This one doesn’t even need an explanation. He’s blue, he can teleport and he has a prehensile tail that can be used as a weapon, a rudder, and an extra limb. If there are still concerns over how cool Nightcrawler is, watch the Azazel attack scene from X-Men First Class, and imagine that he was blue. Actually, just watch Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 and question how this film hasn’t already been made.




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