Controversy over visit of Rwandan President

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Meeting with the President of Rwanda.Unease has been expressed concerning a scheduled visit of Rwandan president Paul Kagame to the Säid Business School, in light of numerous allegations accusing him of human rights violations.

Mr Kagame is due to arrive in Oxford on Friday 18th May, when he will deliver a keynote address in the Oxford Africa Business Conference as well as being awarded the inaugural Distinction of Honour for African Growth Award.

The decision to give Mr Kagame this award in light the recent allegations has been questioned by a number of academics and students, who have started a campaign calling for the Säid Business School to cancel their engagement with him.

The Oxford Africa Business Conference is a student led organization and the decision to award Kagame the honour was taken by students of the Business School.

Salvator Cusimano, an M.Sc candidate in Refugee studies and leader of the campaign against Mr Kagame’s visit, commented: “As it stands, the University will appear to condone Mr. Kagame’s actions at a time when even the governments of the United States and the UK – Rwanda’s staunchest allies – have distanced themselves from Mr. Kagame and his government.

“As members of the Oxford community, we have a responsibility to use our influence to reverse the Business School’s serious error of judgment.

“We have a unique opportunity to promote human rights and defend our University’s reputation, and we must act. “

The campaign has sent a letter to the Dean of the Business School, the Vice-Chancellor of the University as well as the head of the African Studies Centre detailing why the visit should be cancelled, and has started an e-petition which has received over 260 signatures in its first 24 hours.

The Säid Business School has commented “We prize open discussion and in line with the University’s Freedom of Speech policy the students have invited President Kagame to speak and there will be the opportunity for those present to challenge him as appropriate.

“We are aware that President Kagame is a controversial figure and his presence here implies no endorsement of his views or actions. We have taken the view that it’s appropriate to ask him to address any issues that are put to him from a platform in Oxford.”

The controversy surrounding Kagame stems from the accusation that he has silenced opposition politicians and journalists support for rebels in DMC including the paramilitary M23 movement, and illegal exploitation of Congolese resources.

Dominic Burridge, a DPhil Candidate from Oriel College, commented: “The proposal from the Säid Business School to give a Distinction of Honor for African Growth Award to Paul Kagame cannot fall under the criticism of endorsing human rights violations per se because it is making an economic assessment only.

“In this way, the decision errs on the side of a greater tragedy. It is a categorical statement that, in Africa, economics should matter more than society and ethics, and that those who have been accused of brutalising regions through natural resource greed should be decorated as economic leaders.”

The conference website has ignored the controversies surrounding Kagame, and instead focused on some of the successes of his presidency, including the reconciliation after the Rwandan genocide and relatively strong growth in GDP.

As a result they have feted that Kagame’s presidency has “set Rwanda on its current course towards reconciliation, nation building and socioeconomic development.”

A letter delivered to the Säid Business School the campaign has argued: “Mr. Kagame’s Rwanda bears several disturbing similarities to Rwanda under the genocidal government.

“Reconciliation appears superficial: despite a law prohibiting speech with ethnic content – known as genocide ideology – the ethnic tensions that fuelled genocide in 1994 seem alive beneath the surface.”

Amongst the supporters of the campaign are a number of academics and students.  One academic said that is “concerning” that the conference organisers  have invited Kagame to the Säid Business School given the ongoing dispute concerning his human rights record in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.

Mr Kagame took office in 2000, after spending six years as Vice President in the years immediately after the Rwandan genocide, before winning democratic elections for the presidency in 2003 and 2010.

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  1. As an Oxford doctoral researcher working at the village level in Rwanda for ten months, I would like you to put these questions to Rwandans, rich and poor. I think you will find very high approval ratings for Kagame from the majority of the population, from all backgrounds. The country’s policies are not perfect, but the context is incredibly challenging. It is fine to critique, but give credit where credit is due and be sure you know what you are talking about.

  2. To be a fair and balanced article it should have also reported that there’s also an e-petition supporting Mr Kagame’s visit and award; in fact the e-petition supporting Mr Kagame’s visit has gathered over 850 signatures over the e-petition against with only 678 signatures so far.

  3. Well in the article it sounds that living in Rwanda is living expecting to die the next day or just condemned to shut up all your life. But I live in Kigali the capital, and frequently I travel in the countrywide, people talk more about money, family, religion and they are not asking where to hide because their leader is threatening to kill them. Only 19 years ago in the same place, everyone was in a commotion escaping, hiding, killing, dying. If you are looking for human rights scandals now please come at your own risk. You might go home empty handed

  4. As much as I respect your right to express your opinion on the matter, I don’t understand how you support it with an unverified quote such as the one about the UK and USA distancing themselves from Mr.Kagame since no later than a month ago the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague was in visit to Rwanda, and Mr. Obama noted the 19th Genocide commemoration and paid tribute to Rwandans.

  5. As a writer, your first job is to question everything, don’t t just accept what you’re told. Challenge, ask and stretch your mind. If we just accept without skepticism, what do we learn other than to parrot those before us? The quote; UK and US have distanced themselves from Rwanda is very untrue, just six weeks ago the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague was in Rwanda, Rwanda Day will be taking place in the UK. If we believe in independent thinking and free speech, you now have the opportunity to challenge him and ask whatever questions you have

  6. Austin Gashugi
    The leader of the campaign against President Kagame’s visit should know that the Oxford University administration has granted everybody the chance to challenge Mr.Kagame on any Political and human rights issues in Rwanda.
    It is better to confront him than deny other people who want to hear him the chance to do so.

  7. Surely, you are free to say what you want or what you think on Kagame but let me tell you this: In five years ago, more than one million of Rwandans removed in deep poverty by this great man who is considered as African Hero; actually it is so hard, even beyond human imagination and expectation to reconcile people who committed the genocide and who survived such horrors but Mr. Kagame did .And am saying this as the one who is in Rwanda.

  8. Since 1990, RPF led by, inter alia, Paul Kagame has launched an attack on Rwanda. The then Government was forced to negotiate with RPF notwithstanding killings committed by the same group in northern parts of Rwanda. After the signature of Arusha peace accord, Kagame who was so thirsty of all powers, and could not achieve such via democratic means has shot the presidential plane leading Rwanda into genocide. Rwanda that counted about 600,000 Tutsis lost about 1,000,000 (according to Kigali) while 350,000 Tutsi survived. war crimes and human rights violations by RPF have never been accounted for. Catholic bishops who had succeeded to rescue Tutsi were butchered by RPF on Kagame’s orders. Internal refugees camp in Kibeho was attacked with heavy arms in April 1995 one year after genocide. Refugee camps in Congo were attacked and millions of Rwanda(Hutu) and Congoloese have lost their lives because of the demonic behavior of Kagame. Congo’s natural resources have been stolen since late 1990 up to now by Kagame and his clique… Indeed reports show that GDP has been growing tremendously but the distribution remains questionable. The gini coefficient which once was 0.25 has reached 0.6 because that growth sung by the less and misinformed people is only in hands of few Tutsi elite. Kagame uses genocide as an instrument to silence political leaders and international community and others who are traumatized by skulls exposed in the country instead of allowing our beloved ones to rest in peace… and now you praise the economic growth? Economic development is more than GDP, rather the affordability of basics( food, clothing, shelter). How much of that growth is used to improve the lower class of the people of Rwanda? Political opponents are dying in prisons, only because they challenged the ill-educated Kagame….
    I urge you guys to push deep and research who is really your Kagame! That man is evil and a criminal to be tried, not a hero to be honored.

  9. Kirsten Pontalti. You might be in Rwanda, but what do you know about the one single story paradigm? Beyond the official narrative, have you ever tried to find out what people are afraid to say, particularly those that Kagame has labelled as outcast genocidaires because they were born Hutu? Of course officially there are no ethnic groups in the country. But that myth only fools those who want to be fooled. Without any root with Rwandans [not the privileged Tutsi] and willing to learn about their personal experiences on the ground, you cannot pretend to any knowledge of what is going on. Do you have anyone who has been dispossessed, imprisoned, without access to education, employment because of who they are. I don’t think so. There is nothing like experience.

  10. @risingcontinent “not the priviledge Tutsi”? This kind of xenophobic thinking and speach belong to the extremists that have no place in Rwanda today nor in RDC & Africa. You dont even have the courage to own up your hate speach by using your real name, shame on you really

  11. It was not intentional to leave out my name. Ambrose Nzeyimana I am. I understand you don’t want to hear about privileged Tutsi under the Rwandan regime. Officially there are no Tutsi or Hutu in Rwanda. But that does not change nothing on their existence. Maybe when the government narrative focuses on one ethnic group, the one that was victim of genocide, it implicitly advocates that Rwandans are only Tutsis, and the rest are sub-Rwandans, and looking at how they are treated, there is some truth in that assertion. It is not enough to claim that everyone is Rwandan and you find that in everyday experience, there are those who are more Rwandan than others.

  12. @Rugasaguhunga,
    when you are putting forward any statement, make sure you are clear about what you are saying. I am surprised where you say that “… to reconcile people who committed the genocide and who survived such horrors…” as if Rwanda has only two components of the population namely killers and survivors!!!! That is a problem. Think about it. No body else than those two people. I understand what you are preaching: you want people to fight the “killers” and take the side of the “victims” of course. Hahahaha. I laugh at you. Kagame has killed many, he is still killing. That is why he does not deserve any medal unless the one from the hell to have exterminated the biggest number.
    Let me remind you that Rwanda has more victims and we should take the side of all victims and so should you. After that we should fight all killers including Kagame. Having promoted economic growth does not cleanse anybody from war crimes.

  13. Paul Kagame took over the leadership of the RPA after a bloodbath. His predecessors were all assassinated. He did it again in 1994 when he ordered the shooting down of the presidential jet killing the Rwandan and Burundian presidents and triggering the 1994 genocide and civil war in Burundi. He ordered the brutal closing of IDP camps in Southern Rwandan that saw more than 4,000 IDPs killed by RPA heavy fire in spite of blue helmets officially deployed there to protect them; He ordered several political assassinations both before the RPF captured power and afterward. He sent troops to the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where they committed what the a UN mapping exercise report called systematic killings of Hutu refugees amounting to genocide. His name is cited by Congolese involved in the assassination of former Congolese President LD Kabila. His forces in DRC clashed with Ugandan soldiers in Kisangani in 2000 where they committed serious war crimes. Paul Kagame later jailed his Predecessor President Pasteur Bizimungu and staged his conviction to a 15-year prison sentence for having created a political party that was planning to challenge him in the 2003 elections. Paul Kagame has ever since jailed all his critics or tried to kill them in exile. Seth Sendashonga, the post-genocide RPF minister of interior was shot dead in Nairobi in broad daylight in May 1998 after a first failed attempt in which a Rwandan diplomat in Kenya was caught red handed. He tried to assassinate his former Chief of Staff Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa in 2010. The leaders of all the main opposition parties are in prison on politically fabricated charges. How can a University invite such a character and expose its students to him? Is it the result of ignorance or else a well calculated move?

  14. Nazis were blamed for the “Holocaust” not for their economic policies ,The same goes for Kagame.

  15. I have only ONE question : You agree that there are only 14% Tutsi and you also Agree that they are 85% Hutu;s and you only have 1% Twa. Is Kagame a Hutu. So who votted for him?

  16. Take this as propaganda because facts speak by themselves of What Kagame has done. Economic growth, reconciliation, security,etc. In fact Kagame has been awarded many times even by credible foreign institutions. And the best award he can receive is ours as Rwandans who know where we came from and where we are now. We are proud of our visionary and hard working leader

  17. The series of alleged crimes of President Paul Kagame can endlessly be listed, no one can stop this character assassination attempt: Kagame downing presidential plane can be referred to French Judge Trevidic who recently unearthed a well elaborated political plot and exonerated all indicted Rwandan officials; IDPs killings reports never talk of a safe haven for killers who made of these IDPs their human shield; same scenario in Congo where millions of refugees held hostages were freed and returned home in Rwanda; ethnic hatred sewers converted into pseudo politicians have to face justice, Rwandans will never forget what ethnicism did to Rwanda esp.genocide; endless explanations can be given to endless lies, this will never soak duck feathers.
    But talking of reconciliation ample evidence is seen in Rwanda and not in books or reports; upgrading a million Rwandans from poverty in the last five years is not a dream, it is reality; keeping a steady growth rate at more than 7% has been tested by World Bank; improving governance and fighting corruption is daily acknowledged by watchdogs; security in Rwanda is best seen than anywhere else in the whole region, to say but a few. To the detractors, a good african word of wisdom: even if you don’t like the hare, at least concede that it is a good runner…

  18. Much as been over exaggerated on Rwanda by some media houses like the Association Press , would advise the author of this article to do more research on the ground, much has been achieved in the unity and reconciliation, Healthy sector,poverty eradication ,one cow per family,bye bye Nyakatsi we no grass thatched houses , Rwanda is the 2nd best the whole world and 1st in Africa secured place to live in the list is long. After this an apology

  19. There’s no doubt that those who planned and executed the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994 had hoped to retain power by exterminating their perceived enemies and power contesters – the Tutsi. Luckily, the RPF/A led by General Kagame captured power, thereby ending the Genocide against Tutsis. Those who planned and executed the Genocide have since tried various tactics to regain power in Rwanda but failed, including the insurgency in the Northern part of Rwanda which was crushed in the late 1990s. They have tried a number of times to invade Rwanda from DRC but failed. Their military strategy has not worked; their ethnicity politics have been exposed and the Rwandan population has rejected backward politics of ethnicity and regionalism. Its the end of the road for Hutu supremacists and Genocide ideologues. All they have now is the international media where they are able to mislead unsuspecting journalists to believe their lies about President Kagame and his government. Like the Nazis, the Hutu supremacists believe that “if you repeat all sorts of falsehoods for many times, people will begin to believe the falsehoods.” But those who visit Rwanda already know that these people’s allegations about President Kagame are not true. It is a matter of time and these Hutu supremaciists’ malicious propaganda will be exposed and ignored internationally. Rwanda is marching forward under President Kagame and peace will eventually come to DRC if the leaders of that country seriously tackle the sources of conflict in that country. The region will then have peace and prosperity. Time is coming when the detractors who are calling on the Oxford University not to host President Kagame will fade in oblivion.

  20. Journalists can mount whatever stories they want, but Rwanda came from ashes of darkness to a hope of life due to responsible leadership under President Kagame. Big up Rwanda

  21. Take this as propaganda because facts speak by themselves of What Kagame has done. Economic growth, reconciliation, security,etc. In fact Kagame has been awarded many times even by credible foreign institutions. And the best award he can receive is ours as Rwandans who know where we came from and where we are now. We are proud of our visionary and hard working leader

  22. Rwanda’s story should be told by Rwandans, we will learn through our own mistakes and who says we have not? Enough of this patronizing attitude of some entities with no knowledge pandering for space to be heard! Whether it is about resources of the DRC or Freedom of the Banyarwanda, Democracy, Equity and justice it is the Rwandans to sort that out not any other!!, why do we even have to be judged and even be rewarded by these kids! Don’t we have our own universities our African Youth, writters, intellectuals, wealthy men! Why don’t we exercise our debate in Africa and have these commentators here on our tuff! The tragedy of Africa has always been to be in love with Europe and America only when they r telling good stories, it becomes a serious contradiction to again begin calling them names only after some among them criticize us! Let’s face the criticism, let us criticize them all along not this zero sum game of Africans! As for growth, better life for Rwandans we don’t need a debate! The debate should be on how to moderate power balance it and continue the growth and scale the heights! What would we want our grand children to inherit? Do we know? Do we want this small, productive, innovative nation mortgaged and have our grand children toiling! We must try to use our resources and govern through heart,soul! The criticism from outside is old story and a diversion! Always remember if we lack cohesion and common purpose from inside we falter and have follen before! That is what is critical! As for the students and teachers in London they are free to complain, comment, approve praise??.?.?..

  23. The UN Mapping Report on Congo affirms that from 1995 to 2003, the Kagame régime in Rwanda committed atrocious crimes against humanity in Congo and Rwanda, some of them could be qualified as genocide if an International Court examined them. More than 300 ‘ 000 Rwandan refugees were massacred by the Rwandan army. More than 4 million Congolese died directly or indirectly because of war introduced in Congo since 1996 by the Rwandan régime. The recent Report of the experts of the United Nations on the military groups in Congo proved that the rebels of the M23 Movement committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, in particular by enlisting child-soldiers. The same Report affirms that M23 is supported politically by president Kagame and receives orders directly from Kigali. The Kigali régime is guaranteeing military operations, intelligence and logistics. Political space in Rwanda is hermetically closed. All the leaders of opposition parties (FDU Inkingi, PS Imberakuri, PDP Imanzi) are in prison. The leader of Green Party (Mr. Rwisereka) was assassinated. The free press doesn’t exist and of the journalists (MM. Kabonero, Ingabire) were assassinated or are in prison (Mrs. Mukakibibi, Nkusi). To invite President Kagame by such a famous Institution of science as Saïd Business School can’t be understood. Why SBS wants to be associated at those atrocious crimes and dictatorship? Let Mr. Blair do it, he is well paid for that.

  24. @Michael:
    you sound like a genocide denier. no where in your document do you mention that there was a genocide that was planned and orchestrated by the government at the time and that over 1,000,000m people lost their lives just because of who they were.
    You sound like all those genocide deniers, negative elements and racists who think they know better. Let me tell you, as a Rwandan i am happy and have never been happier with what H.E is doing, granted not everyone is happy but that does not mean you demonize one of the greatest leaders of our time.
    You are wrong and just by spewing pages and pages of filth does not a journo make you.
    Only last year 1,000,000m people were pulled out of poverty 1M my friend, for a leader who is bent on killing and destruction i just see how you expect people to make sense of your logic.
    Look at all the reconciliation and reconstruction policies in place, look at the government working for the people, look at the number of women participating in the growth of our country, look at all the schools being built in all districts, look at the jobs being created, look at the land distribution for all, look at the poverty programs designed to generate wealth for the poorest, look at the policies of addressing media reforms….hey whatever man, to each his own, to each his own. We want to build our country but you keep trying to keep us busy with issues you know are not true, you keep fabricating lies that only hurt the poorest and most vulnerable in our commnunities, you try and create fear where it doesn’t exist…why? just to satisfy your personal ambitions of being famous, why are you really doing this…how many countries have tried and tested what we are doing, how many countries including your own were not built on blood, sweat and tears. We all have to justify our place in this world by contributing in some POSITIVE way. If you feel so strongly, whay not come and hold a discussion, why not give ideas in regards how we can stop fdepending on the west, why dictate, why not collaborate????

    So now bring the hate and fabrication on…all i will get back is how im this and that, i have been paid, etc. All manners of accusation and it goes on and on and on….when do we stop and build our nation, when do we have dialogue that addresses issues of importance, when do we have ideas ion how to trade better, how do we get people to understand the success of Rwanda is dependent on the people and not individuals who shout loudest.

  25. I do not expect Kagame to be angel, just the same way the
    pope may not be without flaws. But Kagame, just like any of us, deserves a benefit of doubt as he manages a fragile community. Venting our pent up agony, frustration on him is childish to say the least.

  26. There is controversy over Kagame’s record. That is the final line. That is it. You can’t reward a leader who has overseen a political regime which has been accused of muffling political opposition, accused of threatening Rwandans abroad and accused of committing violence against journalists. (And of course speculation on the role Rwanda has placed in the Eastern Congo)

    From a fair and objective starting point, these are heavy accusations, that cannot be taken lightly. This man’s record is stained, if not by policies which may or may not be true, then by the controversy which groups such as Amnesty International, Rwandan diaspora and others have stirred up. Just search for Amnesty International’s reports on Rwanda. No political leader that is the subject of such contentious debate and the subject of heavy accusations should be rewarded or be given a platform. To do so, would be disgraceful to the role Universities have as centers of producing and sharing [tested and reviewd] knowledge.

  27. Michael: from a legal point of view, accusations do not wish away the international standard of handling a ‘suspect’ innocent until proven guilty. That’s the principle that sane human beings must adhere to, and Kagame cannot be treated exceptionally just because someone is full of hate, ignorance and mediocrity

  28. Jude: Yes, obviously that is true. The man is free and allowed to travel to different places.

    Nice job throwing in the words hate, ignorance and mediocrity. You have the subtlety and gracefulness of a double decker bus.

    But you seem somewhat reasonable. If you have carried out some research [I assume you can read] and give fair weight to the works such as “Reimagining Rwanda”, “Remaking Rwanda” or “After Genocide”, you must agree that there is some truth to a number of the accusations that have been made against Kagame and his administration.

  29. Michael: even if those accusations were true (just as they may not be), only a competent court of law can draw that verdict. I understand how sensitive this topic may sound to some, but we ought to stay guarded from sounding like parrots on rampage, highly charged with sentiments, emotions,especially in the absence of such a credible verdict.

  30. Simple advice: rather than urge Oxford University to take sides, it’s important that it respects its policy of allowing open discussion and free speech.These two were still strong aspects of democracy the last time I checked. Kagame deserves a forum to be heard and offer his side of the story as students take turn to express their concerns.

  31. This is propaganda that are always fabricated. People should learn to admit facts the Rwanda of today under RPF is style of rwandans have had a dramatic transformation from kigali to the remotest place in rwanda opportunity for health car, education, freedom, security, diginity, zero torolance to corruption, accountability, infrastructure,equity, name all which all paved for observable positive developments. Only. Those with grid and egoism are againt president Kagame He is aman for people

  32. “I think you will find very high approval ratings for Kagame from the majority of the population, from all backgrounds”. I hope it is a joke. Did Kagame seek people’s approaval before taking over power? Does he mind about people’s opinion? I doubt if the autor of this posting lives really in Rwanda

  33. Kagame is responsible for committing genocide in Congo DRC. Can you imagine if Hitler had been lauded for economic progress and his role in the Holocaust completely ignored?

  34. It is unfortunate to read your statement but time will show you reality and remember that every thing is to be paid here on earth. You spend your time undermining our Country and HE Paul Kagame instead of looking at what has been done but bear me Rwandans will never be disturbed by your baseless accusations and fabricated allegations against our President.

    We know where we are from ,where we are today , where we are heading to and how we will reach there.

    If you intend to be good researcher I advis to come on ground where you will see facts of all achievement registered by Kagame’s Leadership, you will meet people of different generation who benefited from his visionary policies , graduates (undergraduates, Masters, pHD’s)from more 10 Universities established by Kagame after 1994, where many are these young people that ware held hostages in DRC refugees camps that freed by RPF , they are now in different positions in Rwanda from Village up to the office of the President and all other decision making posisions
    Kagame reunited Rwandans ( civilians and the Army) and we are all proud of him. May God protects him forever.

  35. Kagame is the modern-day Hitler. No amount of propaganda will take that away. Last year for the first time ever, donor countries cut off aid after they could no longer ignore Kagame’s sponsoring mass murderer rebels in Congo. Today, the former dictator president of Guatemala was finally found guilty of genocide many decades after he left power. Kagame can lie all he wants but in the end, justice will catch up with him. The blood of millions of Congolese and Rwandans that he has shed will catch up with him.

  36. TIME HAS COME for British and Americans to know that Kagame is in fact dangerous to the American and British interests in the Great Lakes Regions. For two decades, Kagame and his tiny clique of RFP have been able to manipulate the People from Western/developed countries. Kagame’s lies are beyond all fact of imagination at the extent of hiring well recognized West academicians and journalists to cover-up Kagame and RPF crimes and to propagate big lies on foreign investments in Rwanda.
    Unfortunately, many People from Western countries do not accept that an African can manipulate them, but the case of General Kagame and his RPF is special as they have managed to do so. One of the obvious proofs is that some People from Western countries are doing a dirty job as evil advisers to the dictator Gen Kagame. The British and the Americans have to admit that they are being manipulated by Kagame and his tiny clique of RPF. Although it may look paradoxal, the Kagame who manipulate those people from Western countries to help him cover his crimes is the same Kagame with whom they discuss business deals in the DR-Congo. In other terms, many influential People from Western countries with high interests in Africa have preferred to close their eyes and ears as long as their corporations get Coltan and other precious minerals tainted with the blood of innocent Congolese people. What a shame!

  37. U can keep your rendez-vous with your dog(kagame) but expect To meet us in your way that day.

  38. The Oxford University will on the 18th May 2013 honour a monster who has orchestrated the genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo that has so far killed 12 million people and subjected 4,5 million women and children to systematic rape. We have to stand up against these Neo-Nazis who are trying to reward criminals to encourage them to continue the extermination of the Bantu people of Congo to enable them to control the Congolese mineral resources. We will all be going to Oxford University on 18 May 2013 to stop the NEO-NAZIS thrive and suck more blood of black people. Enough is enough. Let stand together for peace and justice in the Great Lakes region.

  39. If you wish to see more of the policies of the Rwandan government and why over 150,000 Rwandan refugees do NOT want to go back home, go to:
    Watch the film “Stateless” linked to the site and you will see why inviting Paul Kagame to Oxford is a bad idea.
    These refugees will be forced back to Rwanda at the end of JUNE 2013. The refugees need your help, as do millions in Rwanda.
    If you agree it is not time, sign the petition linked to the site.

  40. What a shame for Oxford University to honour the monster genocider and criminal Paul Kagame. This neo-nazi who has killed 12 million people and subjected 4,5 million women and children to systematic rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo will be honoured by the anglo-saxons for doing their dirty job of exterminating the Bantu people of Congo to enable them to control the mineral resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo. What a shame for this world institution which has become the sanctuary of neo-nazis of the 21st century. For this institution black people have no value at all. As a result they must be exterminated to enable white men to occupy their land. Hence their support to this monster that various UN reports have unambiguously pointed the fingers for the massacre and genocide committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. You will recall that the last UN report stated that Paul Kagame was the one who was creating rebellion groups to destabilize Congo. The report was based on satellite evidence, telephone calls and radio interception which clearly demonstrated the involvement of Paul Kagame in the creation of the M23 movement which led the US State Department to classify it a terrorist group akin to alqaida. It is a shame and inhuman on the part of a big institution such as Oxford University to honour such a monster. As they have decided to honour a neo-nazi, we recommend that Hitler has also to be honoured on that day for the crimes he committed against Europeans. In the contrary, the action led by Oxford University will be construed as a racist act aimed at dehumanizing black people around the world

  41. Rwandans, residents of Rwanda and everyone who visited Rwanda witnessed outstanding achievements of Kagame leadership…Oxford University is right to invite him, his experience and political maturity will be inspirational to many, politicians, business community and academicians.

  42. For many African countries money for development comes from their own resources or from international aid donors.

    Rwanda has taken a different route. This week, it went to the international financial markets to raise funds and it was an unmitigated success.

    Rwanda launched a $400m (£260m) 10-year bond sale which was heavily oversubscribed, attracting investor offers of more than $3bn.

    The bond issue will enable Rwanda to repay government loans, complete a conference centre in the capital, Kigali, and finance a hydro-electric power project which – if everything works to plan – should enable the country to reduce its energy imports.

    To find out more, BBC Africa’s Komla Dumor

  43. Rwanda is the safest country to live in Africa, the latest report by Gallup Poll shows. This was a report released in Nov 2012 where Rwanda tops the list of countries where citizens are most likely to feel safe, at 92 per cent. If you read newspapers and listen to news on the continent, all cities around this continent, there is no single day or night that you will not hear that someone has been mugged, or killed, for whatever reasons. But, by and large, that cannot happen in Kigali. We congratulate president Kagame to the much efforts put in National Building.

  44. Crime is always low under totalitarian regimes because they ARE the criminals. No better than the Mafia. Kagame wins with 93% of the vote? REALLY? It boggles the mind.

  45. “Before winning democratic elections for presidency in 2003 and 2004”?Are you kidding?There have never democratic elections in Rwanda. Kagame is a monsterrrrrrr!You guys are very far from the reality and the truth!And the so called economic growth you are talking about is based on stealing mineral ressources from the Congo DRC and raping women,children and kiling millions of Congoleses.Are you going to honor a criminal?

  46. Kagame, having striven to promote economic growth can never cleanse him from war crimes and genocide he has committed. So, please relax yourselves. Economic growth is not Baptism that erases all sins. Kagame should face the court of justice, he does not deserve any crown.

  47. It is a fallacy to present kagame as a model of progress in Africa. One thing is clear though, kagame’s regime is one of the most brutal in Africa. In the past, rwandan exiles living in London have been warned by UK police that they faced the threat of assassination by the kagame’s regime . The situation in the DRC is getting worse because of rwandan support to rebel groups. “Progress” made by a dictatorship is never going to be sustainable in the long run.

  48. to an understanding and intelligent student, this wld be an opportunity to get it frm the horse’s mouth not jst “hear-say.” A lot has been talked abt Rwanda, bt it hz not stopped her from moving forward, accomplishing its mission and vision, and in most cases surpassing her targets (anyway, i dont need to remind you this for u alrdy knw it). The report by Gallup, Inc., a research-based performance-management consulting company, showed that Rwanda is the safest country to live in Africa. According to Africa Progress Panel (APP) Rwanda’s rapid growth demonstrates the country’s potential to transform the lives of the population within a short period of time.

    When Gacaca, the semi-traditional courts were introduced in Rwanda to try Genocide suspects, it received the same criticism, bt the same critics are the ones praising it today for its success. the same applies to the reconciliation system, Agaciro, Girinka and many others, which have played a grt role in the country’s development. Now that Rwandans chose a path of moving frm dependency slowly, to being at the forefront of owning and solving its problems; Rwanda cant be held responsible for other countries’ problems.

    Rwandans wl continue to protect what is best for them. Rwandans are united and wl not allow anyone to dictate terms. unfortunately, Critics wl do what they knw bst bt it will not deter the Land of Thoudands Hills frm being at the forefront.

    Good luck to failures

  49. Does it mater that we dont want you all to think for us, act of us, pity us, we are building our country our way. Call it what you will, we call it believing in ourselves and thinking for ourselves with out everyone telling us whats best for us. Let us be. You built your countries, why can’t you let us build ours in Peace……

  50. All those who committed genocidal crimes will be persecuted, all others have been told time and again that they are free to go home, and they have nothing to fear. This is what ends up happening, activists side with the gulity and accused to paint a terrible picture. There are genocidaires living in the wests capital cities and are free to do what they want and they are now crying foul. Yes they will be prosecuted for the genocide crimes they committed, not sure why everybody forgets to mention this or even talk about it. After the genocide the NGO’s spent billions on the so-called refugees of which thousands were genocidaires as well as innocents who were forced to act as human shields to the genocidaires and the former army. Please do not take these issues lightly, Paul Kagame has shown extraordinary leadership in trying to achieve and even though you all say what you do, he has the interests of the people of Rwanda at heart and has achieved a lot and has a lot more to achieve and we need to support this. I’m done but i hope that most people who read about Rwanda try and understand the context and avoid sensationalism and fancy and look at the facts.

  51. @Dash, why would you support a war criminal because “he has achieved economic growth”? Don’t you think Rwanda and Africa can have better leaders who are both visionaries and clean? Do want to tell me that tomorrow you will praise Hitler because he has contributed to ICT progress in Hell? About hearing the story from the Horse’s mouth, everybody knows how the horse says nothing but lies: “We are not in DRC” that was in 1998 and the following day he ordered troops to withdraw from DRC. “We don’t know where Ntaganda is” the following day he is Kigali; and so many… why can’t we distance ourselves from the tradition of lies? Once again I repeat it, the growth does not operate like Baptism that cleanse all sins. He must face the trial like all criminals. Rwanda deserves better leaders.

  52. Patrick, you are very good at reading off the RPF talking points. Genocidaires are now in their 50’s. They are what you fear? There have been people leaving Rwanda for a long tie since the Genocide. The film “Stateless” IS talking facts. There are lots of facts in there, from the UN, from NGO’s, from PK himself.
    If Uganda is returning refugees seeking asylum and calling them “economic refugees”, what does it say for the economy of Rwanda?
    What of the murders or journalists, former government officials, trying to smear peoples reputations by pure rhetoric rather than facts? What of Ingabire, Mushayidi and others? This proves my point. Go see the film. Tell me what is incorrect.

  53. Just been backed by America and UK as companions in Crimes does not mean all Kagame will do will be Kudos. I just like Jessica saying: “Before winning democratic elections for presidency in 2003 and 2004″?Are you kidding?There have never democratic elections in Rwanda. Kagame is a monsterrrrrrr!You guys are very far from the reality and the truth!And the so called economic growth you are talking about is based on stealing mineral ressources from the Congo DRC and raping women,children and kiling millions of Congoleses.Are you going to honor a criminal? All the resources from Congo used by America and Britain, pass through Kagame, some times he feels proud for their support. A time will come when we will ask them for what they have done. Kagame is a monster, he does not need any recognition from any body.


  55. Foreign Policy (FP), a world-renowned magazine published its yearly Baseline Profitability Index (BPI), which put Rwanda among the best ten countries to invest in.
    BPI ranks countries by their overall attractiveness as targets for foreign investment based on three components: asset growth, preservation of value and repatriation of capital. In other words, FP believes that Rwanda is one of the best five countries to sink money into simply because of its profit margins. The fact that the political leadership has ensured that corruption that hinders many developing nations–is fought tooth and nail, and one has no reason not to participate in the private sector.

  56. A lot of people made a lot of profit in Nazi Germany, including many well-known Western companies. If anyone wants to make a profit by investing in an economy managed by genocidaire mass murderer Kagame, let them go ahead. But investing in this genocidaire is to be on the wrong side of history.

  57. Sometimes I ask my self if it is worth to spend time asking people to look at many good things achieved by the RPFs Leadership since 1994 in different sectors when for them the mission is to undermine Kagame and RPF’s Leadership. It is like trying to ask a Cow to change language. On ground the people are satisfied enjoying the fruits of policies, programes initiated and implemented by this regime. Kagame Merit this award and many others are to come in whatever you fabricate all the time. Le chien aboie et la Caravane passe

  58. Do you ever hear anyone saying that people should focus on Hitler’s positive achievements? No. You know why? Because you commit certain acts such as Holocaust or genocide, there is nothing positive you can do to atone for that. Therefore, there is no need to focus on any so-called “positive achievements” by genocidaire Kagame.

  59. Economic progress for a few at the top. Economic statisics do not tell the whole story. Intrenched racism inserted into the constitution. The country is being run by a kleptocrat clique of Ugandan refugees who hijacked the Genocide for their own ends. Are we forgetting the UN Mapping Report? The reports of Amnesty and HRW?
    Say what you want, but when you speak out when it is you that differs in opinion, don’t come to us when you are in the 1930:

  60. To the author of the article, if you really know that there are ongoing dispute concerning Kagame’s human rights record in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide, you can give facts. Don’t quote internet or Tutsi genocide deniers and there are many in the world. You look like one of them (I may be wrong) due to the use of the term “Rwandan genocide”, be precise – it was a Tutsi genocide. The only mistake that Kagame did was to stop the killers (interahamwe militias) from exterminating Tutsi and yet they were trained and armed by very well known super-power countries. If you were honest, you could blame these countries before blaming Kagame. After Kagame, you are going to blame the English General Churchill for having bombed Nasis in German, unintentionally killing some innocent citizens. My advice is just for you to go away with your Kangaroo courts and judgements, mixed with racism.

  61. It isn’t only unrealist to compare Kagame to Hitler – it is stupid. Hitler was the chief of Nazis and Kagame is the chief of an army that stopped genocide. How can an ideology mixed with hate can make someone blind up to the point of not mentioning the real killers and only blaming who saved millions of people from the killings of the interahamwe. Are you one of them? I am not insulting you, I am just judging you based up on your own words.

  62. Kagoro, if you look at Kagame’s military tactics, it was not about saving Tutsi, it was about taking over Rwanda. He was wsarned multiple times that his pushing the civil war would end up in a cataclysm, yet he persisted. That means he was either stupid or uncaring. You decide when you speak of “Rwandans”.

  63. Kagoro, if you are talking about April – July 1994, most people know that Kagame started the whole thing by killing 2 presidents. I cannot give credit for someone who claims to extinguish the exact same fire that the same person started.

    But I was actually talking about the time period starting October 1990 going all the way until today in 2 different countries, Rwanda and Congo DRC. Kagame’s gang of mass murderers have killed more than 5 million Rwandan and Congolese women, children, elderly and the sick. That is the genocide I am talking about, where Kagame proved to be as bloodthirsty as Hitler himself.

  64. @Muvas: Kangaroo courts? You mean the one trying Victoire Ingabire? The one that convicted her of crimes the prosecution didn’t even charge her with?

  65. I see! It is very interesting when ignorant people discuss issues they know nothing about. Scott, don’t you have better things to focus on and help your countrymen get jobs? Austerity is biting hard in the UK, go work and help create jobs for those students who are scared of the life after school and now are trying to attract attention so that they can get recognized thereafter. Let me give you some intellectual diet about Rwanda and Rwandans because we can totally see that you know nothing.
    1. In 998, Rwanda’s budget was a meager Frw38b with a 70% budgetary deficit. Today, 15 years later, the budget is about Frw1400b. (apron 3000% increase). Budgetary deface has droped to 40%. One ministry, say ministry of health, spends more than Frw70b alone today, double the whole budget in 15 years ago (thats why 98% of Rwanda’s get free medicare, you don’t in the UK). This has never happened in any country in human history, apart from Rwanda. So, a killer, the Kagame you hate cant be that good a statesman, can he?

    2. Kagame has been a guarantor of peace in Rwanda. This you will have to swallow it like a sour pill. You have no choice, mark you. While genocide victims cried foul and demanded for revenge and and justice, after their families got whipped out by genocide perpetrators, the man you call a killer stood in between the two sides and said no, lets reconcile. Scott, I bet my head off, and I can guarantee you on that, you would slaughter anyone who could take a life of your children, wife, brother or any relative, if you have one. Don’t you even get dumbed or humbled that Kagame managed to reconcile millions of people who suffered the kind of tragedy that befell this country you hate so much? Do you even care anyway?

    3. The Uk has a ministry in charge of petroleum. I might clear? Petroleum! Do you even have a drop of oil in the UK? But UK companies have plundered oil allover the world. But you are not ashamed to cast a stone at Rwanda over DRC minerals! You cant even mention one mineral, the amount of mineral and where it is sold by Rwanda. This is idiocy, to be fair. Rwandans have decided to forge their own life, and that hurts you? Really? Rwanda has discovered huge deposits of Coltan in the northern country. This is a strategic mineral in the world. Do you even know what that is? It is an 80% material for all the electronic gadgets produced. Congo has the largest deposits. But because your country and many others like USA and China have been stealing it. Thats why Congolese have no roads, no hospitals, no schools, no army, no nothing. No one pays for their minerals. Thats is what M23 is fighting for. Now you are blackmailing them for fighting for their rights. Lets stick to Rwanda and the Kagame you hate. Rwanda is scaring shit out of the corporations hungry for this mineral, you know why? Because when Rwanda starts mining the mineral, it will set a price with no fuss! This is all under a visionary Kagame you hate brethren. This, you don’t want Gongo and other poorly managed countries to learn. You hate. Rwanda is a bad teacher! You click? Scott, and all others hating Rwanda, you sneak your nose in Rwanda’s affairs as who? You don’t feed any Rwandan nor do you even know how a Rwandan makes it to the next day. Let Rwanda’s forge their destiny.

    4. I will not say Rwanda is heaven. But wait a minute. Rwanda has the least corruption on the continent. International investors come and compete with local companies for government contracts. Chines, Netherlands, UK, American corporations are in investing in Rwanda and making money. Who do you attribute all this to? Of course your hated man Kagame.

    5. Security. Rwanda is the most secure country in the region if not on the continent. Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, KLM, etc, all of the have direct flight to Kigali. Can they fly in an insecure destination? In Rwanda people walk with huge sums of cash on the street as if they are from grocery store. No one can dare them. Try that in the UK Scott! No one has sleepless nights there will war, or gang attacks or robbery etc. A young girl of 15, 20 years can walk on the street at 2am safely. Try that in the UK! Rwanda has what we call community policing, but has also an efficient army and police force. Very disciplined by the way! Ask Britons who have visited Rwanda. a few months ago, a businessman forgot a briefcase full of thousands of thousands of dollars at the airport. He was stunned after a police officer tirelessly looked for him and handed him his briefcase. Does such a thing happen in the UK? It would be a lead story on BBC, possibly calling the officer an idiot. Soldiers and Police officers build houses for the needy people. There are designated weeks every year for the army and the police to offer free services such as free treatment, contracting houses, feeding the sick etc. How does a killer, the Kagame you hate, the commander in chief, allow such humane acts under his leadership.

    6. Kagame is not an angel, and neither a monster you are trying portray him. He loves his country and he has led his country to a level you people hate to see happen in Africa. There is now news in Rwanda for BBC, CNN, Skynet etc, why? Because there is no cholera, no malaria, no hunger, no jiggers, no dying people on the streets. Thats what you expect from Africa. Thats why you are narrowing it down to one man Kagame because there is nothing like the Africa in Rwanda you grew up seeing on TV. With flies feeding the mucus on kids’ noses. Kids in Rwanda are now starting to get free meals at school, milk, food etc. Eh? This real Scott! It is not fiction! Ask! Kagame is not a monster. He is a good man, you just are his serial hater. I doubt you have anything tangible to justify your hate. You guys have hidden agendas or you are just ignorant. Whatever you say is copy paste from google written by similar haters like you, especially genocide deniers.

    7. Kagame has spent Frw5 trillion in last five years projecting the country to an astronomical hight. 1.2m people were rescued from extreme poverty. He has now decided to double the money to Frw10 trillion in the next 5 years and make an 11.5% GDP growth from 8%. I am not sure you grasp these numbers Scott and your colleagues. You have a problem, you are already intoxicated. You consumed a lot of hate stuff from whatever I don’t know, so you may not be able to understand or even when you do, you will not accept this real.


    I can go on and on….but let me not get you baffled. I will save the rest for another time. Did you know about all that mentioned above anyway? I am sure you do, you just have no guts to says it. Do you? You only hate Kagame and thats all matters, you will say whatever you want and have no respect for a president of a sovereign country. Shame on you! I am not apologetic, I will say it again, please shame on you!

  66. Kagame has committed genocide against more than 5 million women, children, elderly and the sick in Congo DRC. None of the statistics you make up will compensate for that. This Kagame Hitler guy has got to answer for his crimes.

  67. You have no evidence Aimable. Besides, Kagame is not Congolese. He is not a Munyamulenge nor is he a Mugogwe or anything. You have no evidence nor do you even provide anything tangible to defend your accusation. It is sickening! Is he the one commanding FDLR in the jungles of Congo? Hasn’t FDLR raped, killed and looted congolese for 20 years now? How come you don’t talk about those blood suckers who killed a million Rwandans and are there hiding their bloody faces? Are not one of them anyway? Seriously! At least I can guarantee you are their sympathizers. Tell me I am lying!

  68. Dear Scott and Aimable I can undesrtand you very much. As long as you are not happy with Kagame Leadership, your feelings and attitude are based on divisionism ideology, your statement will be the same even your dreams will always be against Kagame and RPF Leadership but the truth is there and your are aware.
    In your statement you said that economic development in Rwanda is for the few people at the top but you know that all socio Economic and develpment programs initiated by HE Paul Kagame are targetting the Poor, the most vulnerable with the aim of liberating them from poverty and improving their wellbeing
    Look at Girinka (One cow per one poor familly) popular program is targetting people in Rural and the remotest areas without any discrimination, even parents and families of those who undermine Rwanda aredeserved and enjoy milk and others incomes from livestock
    Look at Mutuelle de Sante (the health insurance ) the goverment spent a big amount in this scheme that aims to support over 90% of Rwandans to easly access to medical services
    Look at education for all programs , schools are near every beneficiaire, Universities are accessible and graduates are not form Kigali city only.
    Look social support , direct support given evey month to poor people selected by their peers at village level,
    Look at VUP programs its targetting the poorest Sectors countrywide to stimulates developpement through job creation, finacial support of initiatives and income generating activities etc
    Look at Umwalimu SACCO , Umurenge SACCO, CSS ,PSF organisation, AgaciroDF those are among different home grown solution in the Journey to Self Reliance
    Kagame empowered youth , women and always think about its people, He liberated the country, restored peace and security , mobilised refugees all category to comeback home

    Your statment are always baseless and you will never
    Whatever your will say the challenge for Kagame and Rwanda in general is to be self reliant. And the Government has to do its best to achieve this goal
    I advise to change attitude and mindset, kindly join us in this war against poverty so that we could build a stronger Nation with dignity instead of spending you time trying to please Bazungu who will never give recognise you.

  69. What these people are aguing are all about true but what about women who are being
    raped day and night in East DRC? The World should see the origins of these serious acts. What devolopment can you people talk if mathers and doughters crying no even one person who can say sorry to them? The investigations have been done but none of them leave the Rwandan authority as the cause of insecurity in East of DRC.
    Intelectuals who focus on economy/development should imagine if there could nothing be done by the Rwanda in last 18 years to strengthen security to the borders but we have heard minerals smuggling. Think about human sufferings if you are all human being

  70. Magnus, the evidence is there in multiple United Nations, Amnesty Internation, Human Rights Watch reports. The ex-president of Guatemala who was just convicted of genocide this week, I am sure he used to talk like you saying “no evidence” when he was in power too. You wait and see, the same fate awaits the mass murderer Kagame. The blood of millions of innocent Congolese and Rwandans that he has shed will come back to haunt him sooner or later.

  71. The people should not only see and talk when others are suffering, they shoud act if for example economists talk about development raised from human blood the politicians should stand by human. Some can wait after the end of regime but what about today and you remember that men and women in uniform have decided to risk their lives for something thing that could be avoided before happening. So, what kind of development or economic you people talking about. There will be no evidance than Human Rights and Amnesty reports. Why the economists do not dismiss these reports before published?

  72. Oxford University is wrong to invite a notorious assassin, responsible for the deaths of Rwandans, Congolese and Ugandans in millions, to address Oxford students and academics.

  73. At this point, no government, no organization, no one can still protect, or will try to save to Paul Kagame, we all know that He is a criminal. No credit should be given to this man. He is a criminal.

  74. Arrest of Victoir Ingabire

    She was convicted of crimes the prosecution didn’t even charge her with. She was accused of breaking laws that did not exist in the country at the time they were supposedly to have happened.

    This regime is about THOUGHT CRIME. Welcome George Orwell, your world is safe ans secure in Kigali.

  75. It doesnt matter the garbage you post. On 18th, you will watch President Kagame, a visionary leader, deliver a thunderous speech. A yelling frog can never stop a cow from drinking the water in the well. Kagame is a good man. But a racist and genocide denier like Scot and Aimable the genocide perpetrater are working tirelessly to blackmail him. You will fail.

  76. Magnus, I never denied the Genocide. And I am racist? Hmmm I live with one of your Rwandan comrades And yes a thunderous speech. I can only imagine. Self reliance, spit in the face of those who helped the country (or thank them,depending on what the audience is).\Wrong side of history and your personal attacks are a poor showing of propaganda techniques. Rwanda is not Kagame, nor is Kagame Rwanda.

  77. Scott, you cant deny being a genocide denier. Evidence is there. I have followes you since 2008. Its not the first time you attack our president, undermine his policies, and argue how he commited genocide. One sign of a genocide denier is that they accuse victims of genocide for commiting one. Yes you are a racist. I dont need to kustfy that. Read your own comments. We are not stupid. We have lived with white people and we know the language racists use. Thereare black racists. We know the language they use. Well, I know you are hired to blackmail Kagame ans RPF. You work for hundreds of genocide suspects. You work for Inkingi FDIU
    The party for the convicted genocide denier Ingabire. So your traah on this post serve a apecific perpose. Negative propoganda against Kagame and RPF. Now everyone knows you evil man

  78. Aimable you think your history is not known. Your family. Your rwlatives. You killed people. You butchered kids and mothers. You raped women and girls. Your plans were to exterminate Tutsis. Kagame stopped you. Thats the hate you are trading here

  79. Magnus, you followed me since 2008? Really? Hmm, that is interesting. I was not speaking on Rwanda in 2008. Working for FDU Inkingi? Wrong again. Never even spoke to someone from that group, though I do believe Ingabire is wrongfully convicted. Gee, i wish I WERE hired to blackmail Kagame. I could use the cash!
    I said Kagame committed Genocide? No I did not, nor did I post anything except what OTHERS said..I did not make the articles up, I just read them. Get your facts straight, wrong person, no blackmail money, not a racist. Against Kagame and RPF? You betcha! And I am watching like more and more people are watching.

  80. Nice try Magnus! You and Kagame introduced rape as a weapon of war in that region. So, you can lie all you want but history will catch up with you just like that Latin American president who was just convicted of genocide this week.

  81. Well, Scott, saying no doesnt mean you dont do it. You defend criminals. Thats the fact. As for Aimable, you and your relatives slaughtered people. You wil run away but will come ans justice will get hold of you as well. Perpetrator!

  82. Magnus, you and your relatives butchered people and now you are accusing others of doing that instead of looking at yourself in the mirror. The blood of millions of dead Congolese and Rwandans that Kagame is responsible for will never be forgotten.

  83. Aimable, tell us you are clean! Killer. Kagame is a hero. You hate him because he stoped you from exterminating Tutsis. You will die with the guilt. Your bloody hands will burn in fire on the judgement day.

  84. Funny, I am being followed since 2008…Not unlike how Ingabire was tried for crimes that weren’t crimes when they were committed and I prefer the 2003 constitution that included all Rwandans in the Genocide not the amended “divisionist” 2008 constitution where it was specifically the official doctrine that it was GENOCIDE AGAINST THE TUTSI.
    Rwandan DMI must have quite a file on me and a long reach since I was not speaking on Rwanda in 2008! Threats Ad hominem attacks, trashing sources….Let’s start posting the tools of propaganda…

  85. Scott, you are right. Magnus would never know the truth if it hit him right in the face.

    Magnus, tell us what your involvement in the genocide committed by Kagame in Congo was. Did you actually participate in butchering unarmed women, children, elderly and the sick that the UN Mapping Report refers to? Or is your role in that genocide to simply deny that this genocide happened?

  86. Tip for exposing sociopaths:

    Start fact-checking something they claim…

    One simple method for dispelling sociopathic delusion is to start fact checking their claims. Do any of their claims actually check out? If you start digging, you will usually find a pattern of frequent inconsistencies. Confront the suspected sociopath with an inconsistency and see what happens: Most sociopaths will become angry or aggressive when their integrity is questioned, whereas a sane person would simply be happy to help clear up any misinformation or misunderstanding.

    Sociopaths never answer facts; they always attack the messenger.

    Another very valuable red flag to recognize when trying to spot a sociopath is to see how they deal with attacks on their own integrity. If a sociopath is presented with a collection of facts, documents and evidence showing that he lied or deceived, he will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger!

    If you really try to nail a sociopath down to answering a documented allegation, they will quickly turn on you, denounce you, and declare that you too are secretly plotting against them. Anyone who does not fall for the brainwashing of the sociopath is sooner or later kicked out of the circle and then wildly disparaged by the remaining members of the cult group.

    One of the easiest signs to spot is how sociopaths exaggerate things to an irrational absurdity. In the sociopath’s world, every explanation is more intense and more heroic-sounding than the way it really went down. Where a normal person might say, “I vomited last night,” a sociopath would say, “I vomited up a 27-foot tapeworm!”

    The ultimate destination of a sociopath is to destroy himself and take as many willing victims with him as possible.

  87. I don’t see any reason why academics and students should campaign against the Kagame’s visit while you have got a chance to discuss and make critiques on the issues in the great lakes region. Oxford University has proved its credible recognition.

  88. scott Bihl and Eimable posted views on kagame’s visit are academically weak,hope no body is interested in reading such poor quality messages Rwanda is honored due to visionary leaders, and institution capacity building long live OXFORD University for visual recognition to a ward Kagame as current president of Rwanda.

  89. A lesson for genocide deniers, trivialists, and all the like: What happened in Rwanda in 1994 was genocide. Genocide against Tutsi and all who related with them or were supposed to. Not a series of war crimes, such as those perpetrated in all armed conflicts, but a crime based on the victim’s identity. In an ordinary war, and even in a civil war, the defeat of the enemy is enough to put an end to hostilities. Genocide, however, knows no truce because it was intended to exterminate a population for what they are.
    Why so hard? Because the author of the genocide does not see his victims with the same eyes as we do. Where we see the weak and helpless beings, genocidal sees representatives of an occult power that threatens the entire society. The killer then has both the certainty to do a civic duty and the feeling of acting in self-defense. If indulged in pity for the children he is charged with killing, it would endanger his country, his family, and his own children. So, no mercy for anyone…
    This explains the atrocities that accompanied the execution of the genocide in Rwanda, atrocities apparently unrelated to the object of the later – and even counter-productive, since they cause a loss of time and energy, and they may provoke international reaction. Why these atrocities? Because hurting the victim is to put into real acts the dehumanization of the victim, it is to ensure that the removal of the target group is not only physical but symbolic, and it is to weave between genocidaires a blood link which forbids any setbacks, any hint of compassion and awareness.
    This link, which remains after the genocide under the dual form of the denial of the crime and the indictment of the victims, is actually pre-existing before genocide. The hundred days of genocide in 1994 were preceded by preparations which extended over several decades: not only the political framing of the country or the organization of groups of killers.
    A number of conspiracy theories have been developed by deniers of genocide: faced with such speeches, arguments are wastage of time, because we are not on the ground of reality. The facts or pseudo-facts relied on by the holders of such speeches are purely decorative. Some pretend to justify the 1994 genocide by the 6 April 1994 plane crash or the outrage of a grieved mass. But in reality they are looking for one thing: an excuse to maintain a negationist discourse that simultaneously seeks exemption of criminals and impeachment of the victims.
    Genocidaires lost power, but the speeches retain a strange family resemblance. Conspiracy myths continue to poison the world in which we live. In Rwanda, as in other similar contexts, these deadly myths are the concrete of a culture of hatred translation, denial of truth, etc. They do not threaten only Rwandans, they threaten the entire world. And what have we to oppose to them? A culture of dialogue, a search for the truth, truth and always truth!

    Scott, put any trash and all garbages on this board, the truth will always prevail!

  90. Gentlemen and Ladies i want to tell you great things president Kagame has done and which have never been done by any other African president.Many of you who make noise in opposition to President Kagame’s visit you are not fair To Rwandan people or ignorant of the Rough path the country has gone through in the last twenty years.In 1994 the only thing that you could find in Rwanda was death and despair.The anticipated situation (by many) was revenge and horror Unity among Rwandans looked totally impossible and reconciliation was just a dream.But now-come to Rwanda and you will just hate that unfair nose knowledge/////.Secondly,have you ever had of an African president trucking and uprooting poverty from the people.Where and who? avoid bias and propaganda and listen to the president and am sure you learn more about what he has done to his country and people, he has brought justice though Gacaca courts that ended the world shocking caseload where hundreds of thousands suspected killers were judged. What the man has done to Rwandans is highly incredible and the story can only well be told by Rwandan people.Oxford University. go a head and honor the president

  91. Kagabotom: Two things,
    Tell us what is acadedmically weak in my argument. You cannot say that without proof.
    Oxford University is NOT giving the honor. Let us be very clear on this. It is a student group not the University itself.
    Let us be intellectually honest about the facts.

  92. Largo, Academically speaking, your statements do not hold water. Show us documents, show us external sources other than the government New Times articles. Raising the rhetoric without the documentation is simply proaganda. Where are the documents that show the genocide was planned? Why did Romeo Dallaire say he tried to get Kagame to stop fighting so the FAR troops could put down the Genocide but Kagame refused? Why? Because Kagame’s calculations were political, not about saving Tutsi.
    Please define “negationism”. That term is vague as is “genocide ideology”. If you are making accusation define your terms.
    Also, to be sure, it was a genocide against the Tutsi, but many many many Hutu’s died protecting them. I honor them as well as the Tutsi who died that is why I prefer the 2003 constitution definition and you should too.

  93. Scott, it is sad when you talk of your pre-conceived fixed mind, your so called external sources which are but …facts or pseudo-facts : an excuse to maintain a negationist discourse. These were time and again crushed with simple facts, simply as mere fabrications, not with so called academic turn around constructions, . No matter how often the conspiracy partners will write fallacies, repeat idiosyncratic affabulations like the sacrifice of Tutsi by Kagame which do not hold wind, not to say water, no matter those far fetched utterances, the truth remains one and you know it. You hate Kagame and the present regime in Rwanda and this only blindfolds you mind, to the point of spending nights on computers retrieving old trash to populate the websites of those who invited President Kagame to speak the truth, the real one. It does not matter what definition of genocide you like or not, it is a genocide and it happened, deny it or not; and the perpetrators are listed to respond of their acts when time comes. The list will never be written off.

  94. Seven rules for personal empowerment (without joining a cult):

    The most shocking realization to take home from all this is that people who live under the spell of a sociopath almost never realize it until after the spell has been broken. Just as the worshippers of Jim Jones believed his organization to be based in love, life and light, people today who worship sociopathic, charismatic leaders usually have no idea they have already surrendered their will to someone who does not have their best interests at heart.

    Authentic principles of responsibility and power:

    #1) Think for yourself. Be skeptical of everything. Most people, corporations, governments and institutions are lying to you. There is much good in the world, but there is far more selfishness and greed which is falsely presented as that which is good.

    #2) Follow your inner truth, not some external guru. Any guru who demands your obedience is a false prophet. A real teacher is one who empowers you and sets you free to explore your life experience with complete freedom tempered by a code of morals and personal responsibility.

    #3) Serve in the protection of life, with or without a church or spiritual group. You can protect life every day in your own garden. Resist the seduction of profit and power that comes from serving darkness (i.e. working for Big Pharma or pesticide companies). Seek to protect life, which is sacred and precious.

    #4) Value all living things, including animals and plants. You are their shepherd. Protect the diversity of life and the integrity of the continuation of life. (For example, resist GMO and plant only non-hybrid seeds.)

    #5) Live an authentic life. Spiritual strength comes from spiritual authenticity, and even if the world isn’t aware of what you do when no one is looking, God and the universe most certainly are. Karma counts.

    #6) Defend the innocent. Stand your ground against bullies. Resist tyranny. Promote freedom, liberty and justice. Help others when you can, and seek to empower others with the skills and knowledge they can use to support themselves rather than creating dependency.

    #7) Tell the truth. It is powerful… perhaps the most powerful thing in the universe. The truth unfailingly outshines lies and deceptions. And even when the people around you may not see the truth, the greater universe does. By telling the truth, you empower yourself in all areas of your life, and you bring yourself closer to true spiritual understanding.

  95. The so called scott Bihl, i have been following your writings if you are in front of judges in public debate, you can win big 0 for your un effective and poor communication styles towards public opinion, hope you change your false attitudes towards some body’s personality.

  96. The office of the Dean of the Said Business School, University of Oxford has distanced itself from extending an invitation to President Kagame and having any intention of granting him an award for they are aware that he is a controversial figure.

    The office of the Dean has clarified that the” Oxford Africa Business Conference that Paul Kagame is to address is a student-led event, held by the Oxford Business Network for Africa, a student organisation. The Dean’s Office also clarified that the “award would be given by the students association and not the university”.

  97. The GoR, released a 28-page rebuttal then engaging its lawyers to argue the validity of process, methods, data points and personal bias (GoR Response and Akin, Gump Letter): …Indeed, the release of the addendum served as the latest act of a carefully orchestrated media and political strategy to cast Rwanda as the villain in this new wave of tensions in Eastern DRC. In effect, the addendum only added a UN stamp of approval to a narrative that had been actively and deliberately propagated since the beginning of this latest crisis… Thus, Rwanda is rendered guilty from the outset, as reflected most obviously by the lack of interest shown by the GoE in Rwanda’s perspective and response… It is in this way that ‘evidence‘ is retrofit to suit a predetermined narrative. Inconvenient or contradictory facts are ignored or, most often, never sought in the first place…
    Given the deeply flawed and illegitimate nature of the process described above, the GoE’s interim report, addendum and anything that builds on it should be treated publicly and privately as biased and devoid of integrity.
    It is clear that [Mr. Hege’s] views (which were available on his website until they began to be disseminated to a wider audience, at which point they disappeared from the Internet) not only inform the analysis in the interim report but also thoroughly infuse the conclusions of the first addendum as well as parts of the second addendum…shortcomings on Uganda and Rwanda.
    From: “Assessing the 2012 UN Group of Experts Report on the DRC, April 1, 2013; A report commissioned by The Howard G. Buffet Foundation”

    Check this Scott, if you are not done, I shall feed you with more. The problem is that you are wasting my time, you you have yours and you are paid for that…

  98. Kagabotom- So called Scott Bihl?
    I will gladly talk about it in front of Judges in the UK. Set a date.
    Tools of propaganda:

    Ad hominem
    A Latin phrase which has come to mean attacking your opponent, as opposed to attacking their arguments.

    So far I see no response to asking for factual information. Avoiding the issue.

    Use of “Demonizing the enemy”
    Making individuals from the opposing nation, from a different ethnic group, or those who support the opposing viewpoint appear to be subhuman

    Use of propaganda tool Glittering generalities
    Glittering generalities are emotionally appealing words applied to a product or idea, but which present no concrete argument or analysis.

    Use of propaganda tool “The Big Lie”
    The repeated articulation of a complex of events that justify subsequent action. The descriptions of these events have elements of truth, and the “big lie” generalizations merge and eventually supplant the public’s accurate perception of the underlying events. After World War I the German Stab in the back explanation of the cause of their defeat became a justification for Nazi re-militarization and revanchist aggression.

    Use of the propaganda tool :Bandwagon
    Bandwagon and “inevitable-victory” appeals attempt to persuade the target audience to join in and take the course of action that “everyone else is taking.”
    Inevitable victory: invites those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to certain victory. Those already or at least partially on the bandwagon are reassured that staying aboard is their best course of action.
    Join the crowd: This technique reinforces people’s natural desire to be on the winning side. This technique is used to convince the audience that a program is an expression of an irresistible mass movement and that it is in their best interest to join.

    Use of propaganda tool: Appeal to prejudice
    Using loaded or emotive terms to attach value or moral goodness to believing the proposition. For example, the phrase: “Any hard-working taxpayer would have to agree that those who do not work, and who do not support the community do not deserve the community’s support through social assistance.”
    (By the way, it was not me who did this, I presented facts for debate)

    I could go on. Shall I?

  99. I do not get paid, do you? Dismiss me all you want. It won’t stop me from speaking in the UK- though it would in Rwanda….
    And a report from the GoR? Show me outside reporting denying the Mapping report. Yo think they would show a report agreeing with it? Haaa!

  100. I am wondering why scott Bihl continues to disturb the people of Rwanda who were affected by genocide perpetrators i mean the so called genocide denial including the scott Bihl hope one day you will face international justice for your vocal’s and poor postures.

  101. Why bother arguing with failures. Rwanda’s critics have been doing all they cld unsuccessfully, to attack Rwanda or influence Rwandans with their evil acts. Rwandans have since proved them wrong and come 18th, they will also show u how they are united towards a common goal. U’l always be losers.

  102. Kagabotom:
    What people am I disturbing? I speak in a language few understand, I write my work on the internet which 90% of Rwandans don’t have access to. I have never attacked the Rwandan people, in fact I support all who want freedom of speech. Where did I ever support the perpetrators of genocide? Please point this out to me? When did I ever deny the Genocide? Please point this out to me. If I said Hutus also died, then you will have to call any description of the Genocide that includes this as genocide denial, which, if you look up 90% of stories on the genocide, includes “moderate hutus”. While you attack me, you should also start emailing them as well.
    Tell me when you want me to show up at the ICC I will do it anytime.
    Funny you should use that organization which Kagame detests.
    Confused thinking, my brother.

  103. Guys, dont get bothered by the likes of Scott, whoever he is or stands for. He represents nothing in the population of over 11 million united Rwandans. He is not even a drop in an ocean.

  104. Scott:
    Thank you for your excellent critic of Kagame, and in opposition to the obvious propagandists Magnus and his likes, I see that your arguments are well documented and academic. Please keep on the good work. It’s a tragedy Kagame is Invited to this event.
    Regards from Norway

  105. Eirik,
    Thank yo so much. It is typical of the regime’s propaganda. And I do not take the credit. I stand on the shoulders of all the Rwandans who are afraid to speak, yet taught me much- and the thousands of non Rwandans who speak out.

  106. Mr Scott and colleagues remember that your noise canot stop Rwanda moving ahead and achieve its objectives “Le chien aboie et la Caravane passe”

  107. scott and colleagues stop such funny critique you are like toothless dog that cant bite he is invited and he will deliver one of the important speeches to the world.

  108. Controversy over visit of Rwandan President is not some thing big except scott Bihl

  109. Rwanda and his Leadership have a very clear Vision defined strategies and programs that will help to reaching targets and every Rwandan is committed to play his role. Therefore we ensure you that all these noise will never stop the Momentum.
    Many Thanks to the Oxford Universty for the Invitation and Award reserved to HE Paul Kagame he Merits more and more awards
    Friends of Rwanda kindly come and see the reality on Ground a country that comes from ashes now is attracting the Entire World

  110. A revolution can be neither made nor stopped. The only thing that can be done is for one of several of its children to give it a direction by dint of victories. This was said by Napoleon Bonaparte , the so called Scott Bihl you are not a Rwandan, not even a friend of Rwanda nor a freedom fighter just a loiter. Mr Kagame is a freedom fighter he stopped genocide of which many of you orchestred and now you talking flat statements.He is rewarded for his prominent real facts on behalf all Rwandans.

  111. Kagabo, you are biased. Which leadership does Rwanda have? Hope you don’t think about a killer without borders. Unfit physically and mentally Kagame. You will be surprised one day. The whole World has knew the reality about Kagame’s crimes against both Tutsi and Hutu. Kagame scarified his ethnical group, the Tutsi of inside as a pretext to grab 100% power. TIMES HAS COME you need to know the true truth.
    Leave Scott to tell you the truth you don’t want to hear. Leave him he is not the only one who show the real side of Kagame as ‘genocidaire’. British and Americans must know that Kagame is in fact dangerous to their interest. If they continue to support him they are losing credibility in Africa.
    Kagame ubu asigaye we na z ntare ze zo muri FPR basigaye iku mutontomo gusa nta menyo zigira. bameze nk’itare ziziritse zikabwejagura gusa maze izindi nyamaswa zikagirango intare iraje. Kubona muha ruswa agashyirahamwe k’abanyeshuri bake ngo kabatumire. mwarangiza ngo twatanzwe ngo reka babyite Rwanda Day. Ibikabyo byinshi umurengwe n’Agasuzuguro kanuka. Rwanda waragowe. Ariko baca umugani ngo Agapfa Kaburiwe ni impongo. Iminsi y’igisambo nayo ni 40.

  112. Please keep attaking me personally and offering no serious counter argument. You just keep proving my point to all who read this. THANK YOU!
    To those who haven’t known much of the regime till now,please see my list of propaganda techniques posted earlier in this thread.
    Personal attacks are the halmark of this regime- whether verbal or physical. Also look at the list posted by J B Mberabahizi- to which none of the attackers said anything because they can’t deny them.

  113. hehehe i hear ” I stand on the shoulders of all the Rwandans who are afraid to speak.” Scott, am sure there is a lot going on in your country and yo family, better solve them before u think of extending yo evil help to others. Africa is tired of pple like you, who think they can define its path. Who are u to knw what Rwandans want? Am convinced u cant even solve yo family problems later alone style yoself wth evil opinions under the disguise of speaking for Rwandans. Find something else to do instead of living a life of failures. Advice; dont earn yo living thru failures.

  114. Anon, I have a right to stand up to opression. You have no right to stop me- unless you are in Rwanda. And your comment sounds like a veiled threat. And you speak for Afica? Hmmm, who elected you spokesman. And I don’t get paid for my research. All this shows- the “evil opinions”, not wanting me to comment on affairs in Rwanda, etc, you, sir, are the one hiding something. C’mon, keep attacking me, prove my point!

  115. The antiquity version of scott and the group seem significantly more vulnerable and totally weak, fallible and emotional to those reading their series out of sequence. The character thus appears to evolve into a weaker side ,fearsome and efficient killing machine.No body is interested better………stop and talk devt.

  116. Development like supporting M23? Developing the economy by looting the Kivus in DRC? Developing a mono culture agricultural strategy that is meant to export flowers and grain for hard currency while food insecurity for the country is at 30%? How about the fact that Rwanda as of today has not reached the agricultural production that existed pre-Genocide, which Kagame himself, by his methods helped create? Wake up!
    And to then start blaming everyone in the West while your economy is dependent at about 40% for aid from these same countries to support you is logical folly.
    Kagame has on one hand been very happy to take that money, but then when it suits his political motivations for a sham “Pan African development”, bites that same hand in the name of “African Solidarity”, it is a complete joke.

  117. The investigation and prosecution of international crimes—including genocide, crimes against humanity as fundamental component of transitional justice. Now the so called scott B and your followers,you should know that one day international justice will land on you, what will u do? Better stop and continue your hide.

  118. Gandhi: The function of a civil resistance is to provoke response and we will continue to provoke until they respond or change the law. They are not in control; we are.

    Gandhi: If you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.

    Gandhi: Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always.

  119. A very nice quote, Scott!
    Tyrants and murderers thought they were invincible, and in the end you and your likes failed. Always think of that… and mostly, remember you are not in control, we are!!!

  120. Largo: Define “we”…The RPF with 76% of the vote and Kagame with 95% in the last election- who jailed opposition leaders? And reporters and a vice presidential candidate were murdered? Who is “WE”? The tyrant is not on my side and if you’re not careful you could easily be a statistic in Rwanda.

  121. Maybe the “We” are the ones who tried to murder Kagame’s ex body guard in Uganda or the one who killed Charles Ingabire there too…Hmmm

  122. “If you don’t get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don’t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can’t hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. if you want to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is law and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.” Socrates said now scott do u want to suffer, if no now get your free predicament and change yr mind. if no continue yr sufferings. And African countries will continue devt not based on scott and other life failures operating under influence of scott and others..

  123. Continue your ramblings, your cause will be furthered the more… as you’re heading to your own destination, a madhouse! All the senseless litany you have been littering this site with only show what type of character you are,,,Anyway, we are in control, whoever you define us to be…agree with me, we are in control, and the people of Rwanda is with us not with you who stand on their shoulders as you claim…with your insanities uttered hundreds of time,here and in your earlier webtrash.Further your cause, Scott, and meet soon in Kigali, when your cause is ripe…

  124. For the readers, pleas pay particular note to the last paragraph. I was there and saw this “stormtrooper tactic” personally.

    ABA section of International Law Spring Meeting panel highlights concerns over the cessation of status for Rwandan refugees

    The following press release was written by Galya Ruffer, Director of the International Studies Program at Northwestern University.

    Friday, April 26, 2013 – The ABA International Refugee Law Committee and the Africa Committee co-sponsored panel at the Section of International Law Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C., “Rwandan Refugees – Is it Safe to Come Home?” addressed the situation of Rwandan refugees in light of the UNHCR recommendation to invoke Cessation of their refugee status on 30 June 2013. The Cessation applies to those who escaped events that occurred between 1956 and 1998, and not to those who sought asylum since. This suggests an immediate contradiction. How can Rwanda be safe for some refugees and not for those who are still fleeing? Rwandan refugees worldwide have launched a campaign urging the legal community to question whether Rwanda is a ‘safe’ country under the 1951 Geneva Convention.

    The panel, organized and moderated by Northwestern University Professor Galya Ruffer, provided a context of the situation in Rwanda today, considered the requirements for invocation of the Cessation of refugee status and presented a case study of Rwandan refugees today and their concerns in regards to Cessation of their status. The focus of the panel then shifted to lawyering and advocacy in such a situation in order to consider strategies, ethical concerns and responsibilities of lawyering in situations of severe oppression where lives are at risk.

    Speaking to a packed room, panelists included Filip Reyntjens, Professor of African Law and Politics at the Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Antwerp and author of The Great African War: Congo and Regional Geopolitics, 1996-2006 (Cambridge University Press 2009) and Political Governance in Post-Genocide Rwanda (Cambridge University Press 2013), Olivia Bueno, International Refugee Rights Initiative’s (IRRI), Associate Director and Mutuyimana Manzi a Rwandan refugee in Uganda since 2007.

    After providing an historical overview of the refugee crises in Rwanda, Professor Reyntjens analyzed the political and social situation in Rwanda today under Kagame, which he described as “living under a Volcano.” Mr. Manzi detailed evidence of the oppression of Hutus living in Rwanda, which Professor Reyntjens called “structural violence,” as the cause for ongoing flight. Mr. Manzi then talked about the problems refugees have faced in Uganda since invocation of Cessation in 2009 including forced repatriation, unlawful detention, withdrawal of land on which to grow food and shrinking food rations, abductions and killing. Shifting the focus to the concerns of lawyering within Cessation, Ms. Bueno discussed the difficult choices IRRI has had to make in regards to legal advocacy and the push for UNHCR to adopt a disaggregated approach.
    As if playing into the theme of the panel, the Q&A was derailed by persons not registered for the ABA meeting: first by the Rwandan Ambassador spoke, followed by others, all seeking to discredit the label that Professor Reyntjens and Mr. Manzi’s had given them, by calling them genocidaires. The panel ended with moderator Professor Ruffer noting that in this difficult and complicated environment, it is indeed important to consider how lawyers can give voice and representation without making refugees more vulnerable.

  125. scott you seem to be still in evolution of human kind ,and mind i remember when i was still in college there were some students who who could finish eating immediately and becomes hungry,remember the many books you read time it took you now your guided like a person with visionary disability of mind.woooooo

  126. On this Tuesday 14th May 2013 The Board of Directors of the World Bank has approved a 5O Millions USD as Grant to Rwanda for the Decentralized services delivery, This is the fact among many other indicators for a Visionary and very inspiring Leadership headed by HE Paul Kagame who Merit Many others Awards Thanks for the World Bank and the Familly of Oxford Univeristy

  127. @ JMV: Yes!! The World Bank support to Rwanda consists of nine operations with an aid commitment of US$283.30 million. Project objectives have ranged from helping farmers manage marshland and hillside cropping to rehabilitating water supply systems and providing electricity to rural households. Some of the key projects and programs funded by the Bank include the Rwanda Electricity Access Scale-up and Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) Development Project (US$70 million) and Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation (US$34 million): We, the Proud & Thankful Rwandans, thank the WB & once again, our heart felt thanks to OXFORD University -Business School, for acknowledging Rwanda’s achievements under the Leadership of President Paul Kagame.

  128. Scott are you still running after the hare you hate so much? It is like a dog running after its short tail…you will never catch it anyway. Just be contented with the “student prize”….anyway whatever the colour, President Kagame will get the prize, like it or not, and you can’t stop it, poor you, can you? There are people who know the truth and your efforts to mislead them have failed. Now in desperation you are minimizing the prize. The essential is the recognition, a recognition by the youth who are even more sensitive and receptive to the truth … and hic et nunc accept that you have failed miserably in your smearing campaign against President Kagame.

  129. Yes, I am running after a hare that has caused the deahs of millions. And whether. He “wins” by getting a award means nothing to me. The more he goes in public the more we will be protesting. He can hold that prize as he slowly sinks in the mire along with his compatriots who care little for life and Rwanda.
    History will tell….

  130. Quite unbelievable and very absurd to say H.E Paul Kagame President of the Republic of Rwanda has traces of controversies no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never instead a man of his word who Walk the Talk,, Passionate about Rwandans, he deserves the awards for peace , security reconciliation, tolerance, and good governance for development. who cannot partner up with a successful real testimony story of focused leadership in Rwanda by him? please friends of Rwanda never give up to proclaim the real story of Rwanda from – to 0 then to + . when you draw a graph that tells a story.

  131. Scott, run run after a chimera! You have been running for 20 years soon… and all you achieved is to escape justice for some time, not for all the time trust me. You are the only nasty character left on this wall, others have shut up coz they know the truth. You too know that you are wrong but you persevere in your evil coz you know the wrong you caused to this country and its leadership. And you are sinking desperately and inexorably, with the only option left: prophesizing for doom. Rwanda has survived you and will live with or without you!

  132. The petition against Kagame’s visit has surpassed 5,300 signatures. The one supporting this mass murderer’s visit only has 2,300. This is awesome!

  133. Largo, since you offer nothing except taunts and defamations I think this shows clearly my point. The truth is still the truth, even when those who know it try to bury it with personal attacks and no defense but the empty air leaving their lips.
    Show me your best, my man, not this drivel of attacking me. Where are your facts AGAINST what I have posted. I see none.

  134. Feel sorry for those students from the elite families in U.K who have invited a mass murderer, a criminal, a human right abuser and a pathetic corrupt dictactor; to be given an award for his economic distortion of Rwanda. I hope they should have taken their ample time and research on his crimes that have dated as far as mid seventies before invinting this barbaric assassin. The butcher of Africa has killed more people than Hitler, Saddam, Assad, Mugabe and the kim dynasty (U.N mapping report).These students from middle England who have invited this modern/contemporary Hilter have fallen in his P.R trap but one day history will judge them….as righteousness will always prevail. Hope the ‘posh boys and girls’ will ask their visitor how much money from the public purse he has spent in the last financial year troting the world to pick up those dubias and fictitious awards.

  135. Mr Scott, if you think you will get any single academic fact or intellectual arguement from Kagame’s apologists that would be a dream. But trust me in private all of them know that the man is a serial killer, an economic plunderer and the worst part he is a selfish man. All those apologists are excellent at intimidation, poisoning, assassinations and now they are trending at removing supposed eyes of opponents. Kagame has been a shame, a shame and a shame to my ethnic. The brat is not a tustsi, he is just a skinny man from hell, the killer of tutsis and those who took him as a friend and a comrade.. when the time comes he will vomite those tutsi soldiers he assassinated and poised. Long live Lt. Colonel Charles Ngoga, you will always be in our hearts.

  136. Scoot,
    thank you for your courage. the Congolese and those who are oppressed will forever be indebted to you. May our God bless you.

  137. we can not encourage genocide and people who kill other humans for personal interests

  138. I am thanking Mr Scott because of his work to tell the people who want to know the reality which has been hiding for along time anyway as a Rwandan i know well what is going on in our prison (RWANDA) there you can not say anything against RPF only political party there, i am saying that because others are working under the control of it, meanwhile its a shame for University like OXFORD to allow a killer of innocent people in great lakes from 1990 till now to come and express his opinion so what we are asking is this all Africans should understood and denounce kagame’s visit in OXFOR.. onward may God blessing you Scott..!

  139. For more than 20 years, the truth about Rwanda has been manipulated in favor of the controversial man, Kagame. Kagame was very smart to bribe the most influential personalities in the world economic systems who in turn would sell him. Tony Blair is one of those, Rick Warren is another one, Andrew Mwenda( Uganda) is another and the list can continue. Today as the information can fly faster and reach farther, Oxford Students would have known who really Kagame is: not a genocide stopper but the genocide provoker, not a visionary leader but an unprecedented criminal, not an economic promoter but a professional mineral resource robber, etc. For those who did not know, this event is beneficial. Therefore I urge you to go and proclaim the truth. A killer deserves a trial.

  140. Enoch or whatever is your name,
    Have you ever thought whether people will take your insanities as granted? Do you think all those prominent world leaders who sit with President Kagame are less informed than you claim to be? Do you think they can be easily lured as you have been trying to lie to them? Have you ever imagined it can not take long for them to check that PK is not the monster you are calling him? Do you ever think Oxford students did not check well their case study before inviting him to their campus? If I were you, I would swallow my hatred and the vanity of my cheap and very limited egocentric bitterness, to acknowledge that President Kagame is a leader of a country he rose from ashes, a country that now has its place among fast growing nations, a country that has been positively transformed beyond recognition and where citizens live peacefully and earn their living decently with dignity. Don’t think this has been achieved by a one Mr Hyde and Dr Jaykill, it was possible because of one exceptional man, Paul Kagame. And Oxford community want to talk to this man, nothing extraordinary to this… even if you don’t like it. If you are a man, go there and challenge him, instead of flooding websites with your violence and hatred. Burya si buno, you and your likes can’t change the course of history like you tried and failed miserably during genocide.

  141. I agree with you Enock,slowly the world is knowing the truth about that criminal regime in the central africa. More than five millions deads in DRC caused by the criminals supported by that regime in Congo. Now it’s time to aware people to take their responsibilities to stop awarding such people. But althouth the guy remains a great leader,I recognize it.

  142. Notice there is always blame heaped on people who had nothing to do with the Genocide…The defense is not a rebuttal of facts, but the use of the Genocide as an excuse for any disagreement of RPF policies. I wonder when this ploy will run out? When everyone who could have been involved is dead? My guess is no. It is ingrained, knee jerk reaction by those who refuse to think there is a different narrative other than the static, unchangeable one the RPF say MUST be.
    I never did get an answer to who is spouting genocide ideology if one mentions ‘moderate Hutus” who died.
    I never got an answer as to why, if everyone is a Rwandan now, the constitution was changed to only speak of Tutsi.
    I never got an answer as to how, if Kagame want’s self reliance, he both blames the West yet is happy to take 40% of his budget and awards from them.
    And before I am attacked as a divisionist, let me make it clear, I am for all Rwandans being involved in creating the country’s future. Tutsi, Hutu or Twa.
    What I detest is a totalitarian regime (that happens to be Tutsi), who are strangling the country for their own ends. That uses their fictionalized history as justification for continued repression. And, finally, who cravenly use the horrible events of Genocide for political aims and a blanket to absolve themselves of their crimes in Congo and in Rwanda itself.

  143. Hey Scott: ” Just wanted to let you know that: ” naho wagira ute ntuzabuza u Rwanda gukataza mu iterambere kuko Intore izirusha intambwe iruri ku isonga! Tinyuka uzamurebere ku muhanda ujya Oxford Univ. kuko aho intore ziteraniye ho ntiwahahinguka” Cheers!

  144. Scott, u must be very strong willed to engage some of the people am seeing here. I gather they are switching the language to confuse you! Either way, you are doing a good job. Those defending this megalomaniac zealot whose self pre-occupation is self perpetuation in power are not new in our society. Every regime has people who have a vested interest in supporting it, same applies to our serial killer and mass murderer Paul Kagame. Mussolin had some, same case to Hitler or Saddam. History is on your side, keep up the fight.

  145. Of course! “RwandaFull weekend” will take place in ” RWANDAN THANKFUL HEARTS” ~ If you have one (a heart), then you know where Rwanda Day will be held @!

  146. @Largo! By the way what type of name is that?
    It is only to a killer to hail another killer. I don’t know your relationship with Kagame, but you seem to ignore so much. You and Kagame should go ahead and kill as many as you can, but let me warn you: one day you will have to pay. Economic growth you are repeatedly so obsessed about up to the level you have to kill Congolese villagers will not cleanse you from crimes.

  147. The so called scott this a total failure and your likes he gonna make key note address to the friends of Rwanda and the the world. scott your postures has no comparative research on political and legal aspect.

  148. Enoch or not Enoch I care very little who you are really…why on earth do you question my name? I never questioned why you are called Buhendwa, it is not the best surname either! Back to our business. Days dealt with you, I guess and so you expect every one to be like you! You are where you are today because of your past and you are cursing Rwanda’s leadership because you cannot stand seeing it rising from ashes, where you probably want it to remain. It is a paradigm fixed in your mind. I can tell you something, I came out of corpses, I came from a burning fire where mine perished, I rose from a pit where hundreds were buried, I survived bullets, machettes, grenades and hunger, and I stood it. I stood the test of time to see my country on the path to dignity today. I survived many times and finally today I am living a decent life. I survived to tell the true story and I speak it candidly out of my heart. That is who I am and that is the meaning of my name. I could ask you who you are but I am not tempted to do so, you and your likes, I met hundreds of them in my life and I got fed up. Ntuntege iminsi, si wowe Mana! Nubundi ku bwawe sinakabayeho… unfortunately for you, I am living and I shall live despite your evil prophecies.

  149. Largo don’t try to come here with the victim trick, just speak facts. As a Congolese woman, I am concerned by the fact that Rwanda makes nearly 240 million turnover from exporting coltan when we know that its soil does not contain this mineral. Instead we do know that 65 to 80% of the world’s coltan are in DRC. The UN Mapping report has shown how Rwanda destabilises DRC and plunders the country. There is a clear relation between mineral plundering in the Congo and the proxy militias sent by Rwandan government. Knowing that Rwanda mostly sell coffee and tea, how can you explain that this country is the first world exporter of coltan? Rwandan economic wonder is based on the murder of 8 million Congolese and that’s a fact. Some of them like you Largo had to find their way out of corpses. So whose suffering is more legitimate? Are we going to play the 800 000 Tutsis against the 8 000 000 Congolese, is it really what you are looking for? As you asked the world to punish those who were guilty of murdering people in Rwanda, the same way we Congolese ask that the criminals who have set terror in our country be punished. The problem for you is that one of the responsibles happens to be your president. Paul Kagme is not a leader, he is just a criminal, a criminal who has to be judged in front of an International Criminal Court. You can defend him as much as you want, but the time will come, where you and your president will be held accountable for the desolation he spreads in the Great Lake Region and for the support you give him today. Moreover, he is just a small players as when the US, Great Britain, Belgium who support him today will have enough of him, he will end as many African dictators: a nothing.

  150. Kumbi, you are playing the same game. You are trying falsely to accuse Rwanda for your misery. are ignorant about coltan.Rwanda has coltan deposits in the northern province, scientifically proven. You dont want ro be like a Soudi claiming they are the only one’s with oil.

  151. Kagabotom-show me your proof I am wrong. I see nothing but opinion here.
    Largo-Your point is? Presidents have visited repressive regimes all thethe time. It’s calles diplomacy and for all you know or I know Obama may be taking PK to the woodshed to spank him.
    Magnus- It may be true Rwanda has coltan deposits but can you show statistics on what haa been mined versus what has been shipped?
    Rwanda’s mining sector is supposedly growing 30% per year. That is absurd, given the small deposits discovered
    Show us facts.

  152. Many People in UK and US do not accept that an African can manipulate them, but the case of Kagame and his RPF is special as they have managed to do so. The proofs is that Tony Blair, Susan Rice, Raymond Chrétien, Jean Chrétien, Bernard Kouchner, Louise Arbour, Rick Warren, and many other from the Western countries are doing a dirty job as evil advisers to the dictator Gen Kagame. The British and the Americans have to admit that they are being manipulated by Kagame and his tiny clique of RPF. Although it may look paradoxal, the Kagame who manipulate those people from Western countries to help him cover his crimes is the same Kagame with whom they discuss business deals in the DR-Congo.

    A better think is that many courageous people such as Keith Harmon Snow, Anne Garrison, Christopher (Chris) Black, Herman and Peterson ,David Katz Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam, Keith Harmon Jones, Scott, Salvator Cusimano and many others are doing a great job in telling the true truth to what happened and happening in Rwanda.

    Mwumve ukuri mwa ntore mwe mwo kwiha Scott mukeka ko ariwe uri kubasubiza. twe turi abanyarwanda kandi Umunyagitugu Kagame tuzamurwanya kugeza arundutse

  153. Open letter: Call to all Students and Teachers to oppose the visit President Kagame to the Oxford University on May 18, 2013

    Dear Students and Teachers at University of Oxford,
    Dear Students members of the Oxford Business Network for Africa,

    It is with sadness that our organizations the Alliance of Rwandans for Revolution and Democratic Change (ISANGANO-ARRDC) and the Democratic Union for Federalism in Rwanda (UDFR-Ihamye), two political parties formed by the New Generation of politicians and activists for democracy in Rwanda, have learnt that Oxford University, one of the leading universities in the World has invited the current President of Rwanda Mr Kagame to address the audience at the university of Oxford and be awarded with the Distinction of Honor for African Growth on May 18, 2013. Being aware of that, we write you this open letter to request you to oppose Kagame entering your school.
    Dear Students and Teachers,

    TIME HAS COME for British and Americans to know that Kagame is in fact dangerous to the American and British interests in the Great Lakes Region!
    For two decades, Kagame and his tiny clique of RFP have been able to manipulate the People from Western/developed countries. Kagame’s lies are beyond all facts of imagination at the extent of hiring well recognized West academicians and journalists to cover-up Kagame and RPF crimes and to propagate big lies on foreign investments in Rwanda.

    Unfortunately, many People from Western countries do not accept that an African can manipulate them, but the case of General Kagame and his RPF is special as they have managed to do so. One of the obvious proofs is that some People from Western countries are doing a dirty job as evil advisers to the dictator Gen Kagame. The British and the Americans have to admit that they are being manipulated by Kagame and his tiny clique of RPF. Although it may look paradoxal, the Kagame who manipulate those people from Western countries to help him cover his crimes is the same Kagame with whom they discuss business deals in the DR-Congo. In other terms, many influential People from Western countries with high interests in Africa have preferred to close their eyes and ears as long as their corporations get Coltan and other precious minerals tainted with the blood of innocent Congolese people. What a shame!

    In modern society, economic progress and democracy are twin inseparable concepts. However, for Gen Kagame, the concept of democracy is the worst thing that has no place in Rwanda. Several impartial organizations such as Human Right Watch, Amnesty International have been incessantly reporting on the fact that the political space has been closed to the opposition leaders. His Government has developed a dangerous strategy to eliminate all political opponents irrespective of their ethnicity backgrounds (Tutsi or Hutu). Any Hutu with opposing political opinions is considered as “genocidaire” while all Tutsi who have recently fled the country due to oppression and death threats, especially those who have served in Kagame’s government, are easily charged of corruption. The RPF clique has installed a military dictatorship that has established a climate of fear. Threats, intimidation, torture, persecution, and killing are used by Kagame’s secret security services to eliminate any journalists and any other person with political opinions opposing those of the RPF. Given so many documented instances of the suppression of democracy and power sharing in Rwanda, even the so-called economic progress of Kagame is useless.
    Contrary to what a number of Kagame fans make Westerners believe that Gen Kagame should be referred to as a model or an enabler for Africa’s socioeconomic transformation, he should in fact be remembered as a killer without borders. Indeed, he is a man who should be arrested and transferred to the International Criminal Court. Although Gen Kagame is backed by some influential persons in the UK, US, Belgium, Israel, Canada, etc., there is huge evidence of numerous cases of violation of international laws and commission of massive war crimes and genocide against both Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. No doubt, if Kagame’s time to appear in front of a competent international court, those People from Western/developed countries backing Kagame’s crimes will have to be charged of complicity in acts of terrorism, wars of aggression, crimes against humanity and genocidal campaigns.
    All said, it is high time People from Western/developed countries should TURN the page and open their eyes to the crimes being perpetrated in the Great Lakes Region of Africa in favour of the interests of a small group of Rwandans and SOME nationals of powerful countries.
    We pledge to anyone who espouses the principles of democracy and the universal human rights to contribute to all efforts aimed at stabilizing the Great Lakes Region to allow the inhabitants enjoy their peace and human rights. The New Generation of Rwandan politicians are dedicated to that aim and are able to reach it provided moral and material support from all of you with a great love of peace, justice and democracy.
    Let there be strong and sustainable political, democratic and economic changes in Rwanda and in the Region!

    Dear Students and Teachers,
    We humbly request all Oxford University community and in particular the members of association ‘Oxford Business Network for Africa’ cancel any engagement with Gen Kagame and his RPF. The members of ISANGANO-ARRDC and UDFR-Ihamye wish to express their gratitude for your assistance of protection of your school’s reputation by stopping Kagame entering the Oxford University.

    Jean Marie V. MINANI
    Contacts: [email protected], , Tel:00491746296681

    Boniface HITIMANA
    Chairman UDFR-Ihamye
    Contacts UDFR-Ihamye: [email protected] , Tel:0033760564949

    o Professor Andrew Hamilton
    Vice Chancellor University of Oxford
    Wellington Square Oxford OX1 2JD
    United Kingdom

    o Professor Peter Tufano
    Dean- Saïd Business School
    Park End Street Oxford OX1 1HP
    United Kingdom

  154. Largo, I am so sorry to hear what you passed through. Thanks to God who protected you. I only wish you could believe that I passed through the same even more,… and guess what, up to now I don’t live a life like yours because Kagame is still hunting me, he is so thirsty for my blood. Could you please tell him to let me survive? Saying that Rwanda is progressing means less to me while your progress serves to empower you more to attempt to kill me and mines. I have no hatred against anybody, all I want is just justice. I want you to live but I want to live as well. I am glad you have a decent life, why wouldn’t you let me have same? I have been asking same questions for more than 18 years and in response I get more shootings,…why? I have no choice but to stand up and fight back because I have nothing to lose anymore.

  155. scott kigali of today is quite different from that of 1994 ,every year there is oganised state visit by Rwandans and friends of Rwanda living abroad it is called umushyikirano so your invited to navigate infrastructure devt in Rwanda including trading facilities . Hope we meet in Kigali for the debate.

  156. Kagabotom:
    Yes, Kigali is better today, but Kigali is not Rwanda. It is for elites.
    If there is so much development in the country and boosts to the general populace, why are, as the Ugandan government proclaimed “economic refugees” running to Uganda? The shipped back over 3,000 a few years ago. If they are not economic refugees, but political ones, that also does not bode well for Rwanda.
    There are confirmed reports of DMI operatives in the refugee camps- why, if Rwanda is a paradise?

  157. By March 28, 1994 when all other parties to the Arusha Process agreed all conditions had been met, the RPF was the only entity that refused to agree to the power- sharing agreement, which was opposed to State Department policy.
    However, from the point of view of the RPF military, this made very
    good sense, if the RFP agreed to share power despite their
    military superiority, the war waged for the past four years would have been for naught.

    . Dallaire was very candid in his September 1993 Reconn Report
    to New York, that RPF military superiority made eventual victory inevitable. He also made clear that Kagame would never agree to
    the several ceasefires requested by the Rwandan Government Forces which would allow them to withdraw combat troops from the front to put down civilian massacres taking place behind their

    Dallaire admitted in ICTR testimony that, even with 5,000 UN troops it would not have been possible to defend against the RPF and stop the civilian massacres at the same time. By March 30, 1994, the Gendarmerie was so disabled by the war, it was incapable of keeping normal law and order in peacetime.

    Well documented RPF Mass Crimes Continue…Today.

    In 1996 and 1998 Rwandan and Ugandan armies invaded the Congo, ostensibly to root out “genocidaires” who were living among refugees, based on the “myth” propagated by the Kagame
    regime that, to be a Hutu or Kagame’s opponent is to be a “genocidaire.”
    These wars involved all of the surrounding states and set-off a scramble for resources and regional power that have come to
    be called the first “World War of Africa”, about which much as been written.
    The first invasion displaced millions and replaced the francophonie
    Mobutu regime with Rwanda/Uganda backed
    Laurent Kabila, who was assassinated in 2000, and replaced
    by his son Joseph Kabila.
    Rwanda and Uganda have occupied the eastern Congo and have melded the economy into their own, according to former G.W. Bush Africa hand Herman Cohn who advocates for the break up
    of the Congo.

    RPF impunity at the ICTR and the ICC continues despite UN Security Council commissioned expert reports of 2001, 200, 2003,
    December 2008 that outline the resource rape of the Congo by
    specifically identified Rwandan and Ugandan elites, close to President Kagame of Rwanda and President
    Museveni of Uganda.

    A 600 page report, originally leaked to LeMonde and the New York Times, and later released by the UN High Commission for Human Rights on October 1, 2010, documents crimes committed by RPF troops in the Congo between 1993-2003.
    The UNCHR “Mapping Report” discusses not only illegal exploitation of resources but also the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and “genocide against Hutus” by the RPF,
    just across the border from Rwanda.

    A report with confirms the “excess deaths” related to the
    U.S supported Rwandan/Ugandan invasions and occupation of the Congo of some 6 to 10 million souls. And, creates the anomalous image of an army stopping a “genocide” on one side of a border, and perpetrating a “genocide” on the other side of the same border in 1994.

    On October 1, 2011, Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa M.D., the former General Secretary of the RPF, Chief of Staff of President Paul Kagame and Rwandan Ambassador to the U.S. took a brave step by confessing to participating in the cover- up of Kagame’s assassination of Presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira.

    But still, no one in the RPF has ever been held accountable for
    these crimes at the ICTR, or in the International Criminal Court [ICC].

  158. UNAMIR Force Commander General Roméo Dallaire wrote in an April 13, 1994 cable more than a week after the Presidential assassinations that were the immediate trigger of the mass violence that swept Rwanda that the military could have staged a coup after the assassination of President Habyarimana, but did NOT do so.

    And, the UN Office of Legal Affairs went even farther in a May 25, 1994 Legal Opinion which acknowledged that the post-Habyarimana government, established on April 8, 1994, was the lawful successor government properly constituted under the 1992 Rwandan Constitution, rather
    than the product of a “coup”.

    Dr. Rudasingwa’s October 1, 2011 confirmation of Kagame’s authorship of the assassinations confirms that the event that “triggered” the Rwandan genocide was not part of a “long-planned conspiracy to kill Tutsi by Hutu genocidaires,” upon which the Kagame/RPF foundation myth has been based.
    In reality the mass violence that swept Rwanda was a predicted reaction to the breach of the unstable ceasefire which brought to a head: mass population displacement; deep-seated fear of a re-establishment of Tutsi authoritarianism in both Burundi and Rwanda; the relentless advance of RPA troops, which the Rwandan military and gendarmerie were powerless to prevent; and multiple other factors; including, local leaders grabbing power; score-settling and thievery, attacking Tutsi because of their ethnic connection to the RPF invaders; attacking Hutu because of their ethnic connection to the Rwandan government; and even attacking francophone Tutsi believed to be collaborators with the Rwandan government by the RPF.

  159. scott your endless match that you know your score point as a looser game is quite absurd, Rwanda is safest country to live on this planet according to the recent reports Rwanda is the safest country to live in Africa, the latest report by Gallup Poll shows.
    The Global States of Mind: New Metrics for World Leaders report says Rwanda tops the list of countries where citizens are most likely to feel safe, at 92 per cent.

  160. Thanks for the personal attack! You say Rwanda is safe? For who? Not people who oppose the regime. And Germany was quite safe in the 1930’s and early 40’s- as was East Germany during the Stazi years. And how was the poll done? Who were it’s constituents? Gallup is a US company and I’m sure does not have many Kinyarwandan speakers, so who translated answers? who looked over the shoulders of those making the remarks? Numbers cannot tell the whole story. You know that. Keep trying.

  161. The UK Rwandan Diaspora and friends of Rwanda look forward to to the presence of mr Kagame tomorrow at Rwanda Day UK , economic growth in Rwanda.

  162. Isangano INES Ruhengeri, ibyo uvuze ni ukuri. Abantu nka ba kagabotom ni ba rusahuriramunduru, mbese ba mpemukendamuke. Icyo bashyira ibere ni ubuhemu, bo bakarengwa hejuru y’agahinda n’imiborogo y’abana b’u Rwanda. Ariko bibuke ko Rukarabankaba ari nka Sekibi. Umukunzi w’impyisi nawe iramurya.

  163. scott iam based in Italy but If i was a referee like KORINA I would have given you a red card and yr likes for poor critique and childish analysis for ant- human devt .

  164. But do see how genocide ideology of the (scott) is it like a kettle full of steam water in the process of evaporation just evaporate your ideology the kettle will remain without water and then rust while forming scrap..

  165. wooo.Rwanda day london.
    Learning about Rwanda’s progress towards socio-economic transformation and the role of Rwandans Abroad in shaping Rwanda’s future
    Strengthening networks between Rwandans and friends of Rwanda across the world Presenting business, investment, career and other opportunities to Rwandans and friends of Rwanda around the world.

  166. In an interview with BBC GreatLakes, Ambassador NKURUNZIZA refused to divulge to the public the venue. He said, “Only invited people are to know about the venue”. If it is a Rwanda day why to conceal?

  167. OK by the way… My Name is Mr Norbert MBU-MPUTU. I am a journalist and writer living in Wales. I was at St Andrews University last month for a conference and how could I be invited at the same Business School for a talk: “The Congo crisis: beyond the Rwanda genocide narrative or how to work for the Great Lakes region peace process?”… [email protected]; 07985214386… Could the student online magazine or any other person help us to organise it?… The subject could be changed… It is important for us to share the Congolese narrative also… Thanks to help us…

  168. Mr MBU-MPUTU, The business school may have only ever looked at, or considered important, Excel spreadsheets reflecting Rwanda’s growth, but the RPF and PK have been doing double bookkeeping for years. True, the economic NUMBERS look good, but that is only part of the story. Much of that development wealth has been on the backs of Congolese since the mid 90’s when the RPF went in and systematically killed anyone, particularly Hutu, who were in their path.
    To only talk of economics without human rights and atrocities done in the pursuit of wealth as well, the numbers are a hollow shell and only look good to distant investors who only care about ROI.

  169. is this what you call oxford???hahahaha…the only thing i can say is if you think oxford is about economy just leave it for economy if it s for politic leave it forpolitic but if one of the best universities that i was estimating itself in such a way…i would to bein the poorest university in the world than oxford and if you doubt ask me why

  170. Kagame must have been seriously shaken in London.

    Kagame must really have been unaware that it was going to be like that…I feel sorry for the peoples who were in charge of arranging this latest trip in England….
    http://www DOT


  172. Post your comments in English for all the people to see. Do not hide under Kinyarwanda. The best disinfectant is sunshine, so said a famous US judge…

  173. scott Rwanda day was well organised and friends of Rwanda appreciated and congs to oxford University.

  174. Thanks Mr Kagabo, indeed Rwanda Day was very well organised in its all aspects , Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from Kigali , all over the EU , UK and US attended with a very high turn up and full of moral, happy to meeting each other and listen to different inspiring speeches , Q&A session etc……..

    Thanks very much to Oxford University for an event well organised and the Award given to HE Paul Kagame, you will never be disappointed as the Better are yet to come; thanks also for the very important job you are doing by providing Best knowledge to the youth for their brighter future;

    We are satisfied as Rwandans and have to leave these useless people ,endless empty drums that create noise without purpose, and let’s us keep momentum the better is yet to come

    Congs to the Government of Rwanda and live longer to HE Paul Kagame and RPF ideology that inspires the sustainable socio and economic development of This beautiful Country

    We are the Winner

  175. Gatabazi, you win nothing…Your fear of my comments only proves how scared you are of what I say that you cannot help but to reply. The more you reply and draw attention to the controversy, and the ability for people to see your tactics only proves MY case….Time is ticking….

    Really, I have nothing against inviting President Kagame. But, was it a victory?… I don’t think so, especially while the guests were welcomed with a paper that he was not invited by the University and that the event has nothing to do with any official view… If I was President Kagame, I would really cancel my attendance… And also, what is making me again ashamed (I believe that students would repair the mistake): we know the wise proverb. Till when lions will have their own story tellers, the story of the hunting will be on the advantage of the hunter. And, because this invitation raised a concern, could the same students on the same platform, to invite another person with the opposite view so that it could help them to make a real good opinion?…
    And, in Central Africa we know that we got, years, some powerful persons in power and we know how they finished… Could we help, with our criticisms and wise advice, for president Paul Kagame to avoid finishing his life like those Mobutu for example?…
    Of course, Rwanda needs to struggle with the very difficult post-genocide stories. We need to assist them. We need to support even to learn from the economic boom of Rwamda, if there is any economic boom. But, will this make us closing our eyes to what happened in Congo, especially as the last UN report documented the Rwanda involvement in the Congo chaotic situation?…
    Because we seem to be academicians, let’s have an academic approach of the matter…
    Could the same student organise such meeting or conference if they believe that there is nothing to hide?

  177. Dear norbertmbu,
    Thank you for such a calm and reasoned reply! I would look forward to a debate of the real issues- particularly Congo- but I would not hold your breath. That is not the Kagame/RPF way.
    If the Rwandan government wishes to define it’s policies and actions clearly, this would be a great way to do it. I know many people who would take the other side- most all of which have been called “genocide deniers” or promoting “genocide ideology”- which the government itself cannot decide what it is…Let us see what the GoR says….

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