Oxbridge tops the sex toy league tables as well

pulguita sex toyOxford University is the second biggest purchaser of Lovehoney sex toys, closely beaten to the top spot by Cambridge University.

The retailer’s webssite statistics demonstrate that, over a three month period, Oxford and Cambridge together bought more than £9000 worth of equipment, more than the next five universities combined.

A Lovehoney.co.uk spokesman commented: “I think the reason Oxford and Cambridge came top of the university league tables in terms of sex toy sales is because their students have always had a healthy interest in sex.

“Some of the very best writing on sex – both fiction and non-fiction – has come out of Oxford University. Martin Amis, Jeanette Winterson and Patrick Marber have all written about sex brilliantly in modern times.”

The spokesperson also talked at length about the link to the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey and a 40 per cent boom in sales last year. “Fifty Shades of Grey was a big hit with young women and we have found students’ orders reflecting that.

“We are getting a lot of orders for soft bondage gear – handcuffs, floggers and spankers are all popular.”

Studentbeans.com’s University Sex Table places Oxford and Cambridge much lower than the Lovehoney statistics. The survey ranked universities by the average number of self-reported sexual partners per student since starting university. Cambridge is ranked 17th in the Studentbeans table, with an average of 4.62 sexual partners, whilst Oxford ranks at 54th place with an average of 3.44 sexual partners.

Some students have suggested that the disparity between the Lovehoney and Studentbeans statistics is due to Oxbridge students being in long term relationships.

Victoria Adelmant, Secretary of Bar Soc agreed, stating: “I have plenty of friends that have bought items such as naughty maid outfits in order to spice up the bedroom antics with their long-term partners. It’s not necessarily a reflection on one’s sexual frustration to use these things.”

On the differences between Oxford and Cambridge’s comparative rankings across the tables, she suggested: “Maybe the single Tabs have less enjoyable sex than Oxonians do and thus need more supplementation.”

Others reflected that the high sales figures of Oxford and Cambridge may instead be a reflection on personal feelings of sexual inadequacy amongst Oxbridge students.

Miles Dilworth, a Keble fresher commented: “I’ve had the same penis pump for three years and there has been no noticeable effect. I was about to give up hope but then I saw the Bathmate Hydromax X30 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump on the website and so I’ve ordered it. Fingers crossed.”

However, some students were sceptical about the accuracy of the statistics. Benedict Gardiner, a first year Mathematics student commented: “I bought a Riley Steele Fleshlight in the run up to my 1000th day since I last had sex (which would have been the 18th May). This proved to be unnecessary, however, as I got lucky at Fuzzies the next day so I have returned the order and perhaps they haven’t processed that yet.”