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PHOTO/ Joseph WilliamsonA Wadham student has raised almost £2000 for charity by shaving his head.

Joe Williamson, a second-year biologist, undertook the challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK, managing to raise £1788.50 for the charity.

Williamson explained that he took the radical decision “because everyone knows someone that has been affected by cancer and the charity do some great work in developing cures, treatments and care for patients.”

The shaving took place in Wadham’s bar quad after the SU meeting on Sunday 5th May.

He highlighted the relevance of the head shaving gesture, commenting: “the idea was in keeping with the loss of hair from chemo patients and of course everyone wanted to see what my massive head would look like all shiny and bald. The shaving was a great success with two live streams for people who wanted to watch and a great crowd that turned out to watch in the Wadham bar quad.”

The shaving was undertaken by Williamson’s girlfriend, Sasha Kosminsky.  She commented on the difficult decision: “There was a conflict of interests as it seemed inevitable that he was going to look like a deformed egg, but the end product was a nice surprise.”

Paul Calleja, an onlooker, agreed, commenting: “Its quite nice really, I no longer need to carry around a mirror as his head is so f***ing shiny”

Williamson is also the Tortoise Officer for Wadham SU, bearing responsibility for the care of Wadham’s two Hermann tortoises – one of whom is aptly named Archibald. This tortoise is endowed with special powers, with the constitution stipulating: “In the event that Wadham SU owns a living tortoise or tortoises, any tied vote amongst the SU will be resolved by the tortoise(s) having the casting vote. The tortoise(s) always vote for the motion due to the irradicable desire for change.”

Williamson thanked everyone who donated for their support: “It’s been wonderful to see how much support family, friends and even complete strangers have given. A massive thank you to everyone who has donated, it really means a lot.

He added: “I am also enjoying looking exactly like Bruce Willis/Jason Statham/Britney Spears. I realise that random people who read this may not bother to donate, but please do. It would be most appreciated!”

Donations to Joe’s campaign for Cancer Research UK can be given through his JustGiving page

PHOTO/Joseph Williamson


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