Union celebrates 190th birthday

This week marked  190 years since the Oxford Union’s first ever debate, which took place April 5th 1823.

The motion at that time was: ‘’Was the revolution under Cromwell to be attributed to the tyrannical conduct of Charles or to the democratic spirit of the times?’

In the intervening years the Union has been a stepping stone on the way to political success by politicians such as Edward Heath, Clement Attlee, and William Gladstone and has also played host to a number of high profile figures including Malcolm X, Michael Jackson, and President Reagan.

To celebrate the historic events, members were invited to a ‘Caterpillar cake ad Cava party’.

Mayank Bannerjee, a member of standing committee, said: “This is the perfect way to celebrate the Union’s birthday.  Caterpillar cake and Cava have been integral parts of the guiding philosophy behind the Union for hundreds of years and it was only right that we honoured them as such.