PPH students most satisfied

REGENTS PHOTOThose studying at PPHs are the most satisfied students overall, the student barometer results have revealed.

St Benet’s and Regent’s Park make up the top three of all colleges in the overall satisfaction survey, with Wycliffe Hall and Blackfriars also placing in the top ten.

100 per cent of students who responded from Blackfriars, St Benet’s and St Stephen’s said that their PPH was “a good place to be”, and both Wycliffe and Regent’s followed close behind with 95 per cent of respondents agreeing with the statement.

Prof. Werner G. Jeanrond, Master of St Benet’s Hall said: “The news that St Benet’s tops the Oxford student barometer has delighted us all.  Students, tutors and the entire team at St Benet’s have been making a joint effort to create an atmosphere conducive to academic and personal development. It gives me great joy that our common efforts have been appreciated in this way”.

He hoped that the results will “encourage prospective students to look to St Benet’s as an exciting intellectual community.”

Students at Regent’s Park were pleased with their second place, and Harrison Denner, JCR President commented: “This further confirms what a great place Regent’s is to live and work. It’s a really nice place with a fun atmosphere and lots going on.”

Will Tomsett, JCR Secretary, added: “We are a college to which many people are pooled and of which some people have fears that their time at Regent’s will be full of Baptist sermons and prayer meetings. This survey shows that this is emphatically not the case”.

He continued: “Regent’s clearly is one of the most nurturing, most outgoing, and most fun community in Oxford thanks to its small size – we only wish we were larger so more people could come and experience our unique brand of Oxford life!”

However, results show less than average satisfaction for college social activities at all PPHs apart from Regent’s Park. Sports facilities also generated less than average scores at all PPHs, apart from Blackfriars, which was exempted due to lack of respondents.

Furthermore, there were discrepancies in satisfaction at accommodation costs, varying between top placed PPH St Stephen’s at 76 per cent and worst ranked PPH Blackfriars at just 51 per cent.