The future’s orange for Univ students

A group of students at University College held a fundraising tan-athon on Tuesday to raise money for charity.

The tanning team hoped to raise £400 by the day of the tanning, a target which they achieved comfortably.

The members of the tanning team applied fake tan from the four available shades, and with each £100 raised they moved across the Dulux colour chart, from a subtle St Tropez, to a tragic Tropicana orange.

One of the team taking part in the tanning, explained how the idea came about: “We decided to tan because we’re all extremely pasty, and none of us really wanted to do anything impressive such as running a marathon as a way of raising money, so we thought we would humiliate ourselves instead.”

She commented on the results of the tanning: “We hoped we’d end up looking like we’d just spent six months in Brazil, but I think our orange palms are letting us down and instead we look more like the girls from Geordie Shore.

“Some of us are loving the tan a little too much, but I’m not sure we’ll be going this dark ever again as it’s hard to cope with the biscuity smell following us around.”

They blazed their way to the target, and having reached the highest grade of fake tan,  with the warm glow of charity still fresh on their skins, they looked at other incentives to keep people giving. There were a number of “bonuses” to encourage further donation.

At £600, the team agreed that Sybil Devlin, one of those taking part in the tanathon, will be receiving the most fluorescent tan a second time – for the University College ball this summer.

This motivation certainly had the desired effect, as people have donated generously. At the time of writing this article the total stood at £670.

If the team hit £1000 they have promised to do a naked calendar, their thin layer of tan being all that remains to guard their decency.

The charity they are raising money for is The Life Foundation. It is almost ten years old and does charitable work primarily in Romania, but also in India, with branches in Goa, Bacau, and Oltania.

They work with orphaned and abandoned children disadvantaged with conditions including, but not limited to, developmental delays, physical disabilities, and institutionalised autism.

One of the leaders of the team to be receiving the spray tan will be heading over to the Oltania region this summer to volunteer with the foundation. This will be her fifth trip to the region.

The author of the charity page expressed some light-hearted hesitancy about the matter, saying “ORANGE you glad you’re not us?!”

A student at Keble who wished to remain anonymous expressed concerns for whether this should be considered a legitimate fundraising event, saying that “It’s like getting sponsored for going shopping or getting a wax, its just something that everyone does.”