My Sartorial Life


Recently I have been panicking about what to wear to my cousins wedding this weekend. Outfits for weddingswedding 1 are a big deal. There’s no way around this scorching fact.  Being sent into town under the instruction to buy myself a ‘pretty dress’ is one of the hardest tasks I’ve had to  interpret and manage.  Can you wear denim and converse to a formal family event? No, not really. But would that look good? Yes. You’d look great. So what’s the problem here? There appears to be an elusive code for wedding attire that someone is yet to enlighten me on.

So what are the rules of wedding fashion? So far I have been able to deduce a plethora of constraints, only a vital few of which I’ll trouble you with here.  Firstly, there are certain colours it is paramount to avoid.  Black is too macabre and sombre and so it is a ‘no,’ apparently.  White or cream or mayonnaise or any variation on that theme is absolutely forbidden too as it is the preserve of the bride.  Fair enough, I guess.  Alongside this I’m told that any outfit should not be too exciting.  Frills, ribbons and bibbons and plenty of them are the bride’s prerogative and not for the cohort of adoring relatives and friends who are there to merely act as a flattering backdrop to this very big and special day.  It’s is necessary to avoid insulting the bride by not making enough effort and by looking too scruffy or casual. On the other side of the offence spectrum, it is possible to cause upset by wearing something that is even more attention-seeking than that of the bride’s own traditional white confection of explosive glitter, feathers, bows, net, and tulle.  So as I traipse around the shops, dazed and alone, thoughts such as these were all leaving me quite fearful.

So what did I go for in the end? You can’t go wrong with floral patterns so I chose a short but flippy skirt with the occasional flower daubed on it, but in retro pink and lime.  This is accompanied by a simple blouse.  As a student, I was determined not to crap money on a single outfit.  So I saw economic sense as both these items can be recycled infinitely as student attire.  But, having said this, I’ll never know until the day that what I’ve purchased will be suitable.  I’ll just have to wait and see.



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