Christ Church mister and misses the point

chchAn entz event at Christ Church this weekend became the scene of peer pressure, sexist chants and a series of challenges described by one spectator as “grotesque”.

Participants performed challenges such as imitating sex acts, eating McCoy’s crisps from compromising places on other people’s bodies, and the event concluded with participants giving  and receiving lap dances, during which one female ended topless and a male ended almost naked.

The Mr and Mrs Christ Church competition is run on an annual basis and consists of a series of ten challenges, with one pair of participants being knocked out each round. In the final round, a pair of participants are then announced as Mr and Mrs Christ Church.

The event started with mainly drinking challenges, such as drinking a pint of beer or a litre of WKD between two, but became more sexual and raucous as the night went on. Participants were required to put a condom on a carrot with their mouths, before concluding with a strip tease.

The female winner of the competition, who was reported to have been barely able to stand before the event even started, is reported to have shouted “Fuck the patriarchy” after going topless during the final challenge. Individuals in the crowd responded, saying: “Shut the fuck up and get your tits out.”

The event, was run under the slogan: “The only rule is that you can’t take photos,” and was hosted in the undercroft with the agreement of the College Censor.

Female participants were subject to sexist chants including throughout the event including, “Tits! When do we want them, now!” and “Get your minge out!”

The event prompted a series of complaints from students who were present, one of whom described the whole event as “vacuous and meaningless”, before complaining that the peer pressure and objectifying attitude to women who were present at the event as “horrific, actually horrific.”

One participant in the event agreed, noting that “the chanting became worse as the evening went on.

However, they added: “It wasn’t everyone in the crowd involved, and [the chanting] certainly wasn’t condoned by the people running the event.”

Christopher Lewis, the dean of Christ Church, commented: “There had been some trouble at the equivalent event last year and the junior censor who gave permission for this year set some limits to the kinds of things that could happen.

“People can enjoy themselves and have parties and on cases like this they take part in challenges, but they must be in within the limits of good taste.

“Those limits were set and do not appear to have been abided by.”

As a result of the limits not being abided by the event has reportedly been cancelled for next year and those responsible for the event have been subject to disciplinary proceedings.  The results of these proceedings are unknown as investigation is on-going

A number of students have come to the defence of the two College Entz reps who officially hosted the event, alleging that the event was taken beyond their control by the actions of a small minority of older students.

One Christ Church student said: “The event was completely taken over by third year guys, whose final stress has obviously manifested as sexual frustration.”

Another said: “The crowd’s behaviour dominated and was vulgar in language and sentiment as they egged the contestants on.”

Numerous students have alleged that two third-years exhibited sexist behaviour and were peer-pressuring students at the event.

When contacted by The Oxford Student one of them quoted the lyrics to ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke, including “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two,” and “Lemme[sic] be the one you back that ass up to.” The other declined to respond.

A number of students have come out in support of the current Entz reps, arguing that they were not to blame for the manner in which the event proceeded.

One fresher said: “I see no problem with such events so long as someone along the way is responsible for ensuring consent, especially prior to participation, but also during the actual event.

“I have great trust in our Entz reps. Having said that, there is of course always the risk that someone does something they regret under the influence of alcohol – like at any other student event every Friday evening.”

A participant in the event stated: “Everyone was surprised it had gone as far as it did, but everyone enjoyed it – it was a good evening.”

College officials discovered the raucous competition after a Canon from the Cathedral walked past the undercroft, to discover the competition taking place in a scene described as “something out of a Carry On film.”

This is not the first Mr and Mrs Christ Church event that has attracted controversy. Similar incidents, including nudity, took place at the competition last year.