OUSU saves students £150,000

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A successful intervention by OUSU has saved freshers taking  year abroad in 2013/14 almost £3000 each.

The lowering of fees will apply to students studying Arabic, Russian and European and Middle-Eastern Languages, a group of over 50 students.

It was initially thought that due to government changes in student fees, Home/EU students going abroad for their second year in 2013/14 would have to pay £4,500 fees, almost £3,000 more that students in the year above (who paid £1,725) or students in the year below (who will pay £1,350).

The students affected contacted OUSU, and following successful discussions between the University and the Student Union, the University agreed for fees to be reduced.

David Messling, OUSU Vice-President (Access & Academic Affairs) said, “We’re pleased to see that the University has responded to OUSU’s concerns over the unfairness of the £4,500 fee, and agreed, at relatively short notice, to make the change!”



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