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Oskar ZorrilaOskar Zorrilla, who coxed the Oxford Blues to victory in this year’s Boat Race, has been fined for dangerous coxing on the Isis.

Zorrilla was coxing St Hugh’s M2 in Rowing On, the qualifying event for Summer Eights, when the incident took place.

Oxford University Rowing Clubs’ Race Committee found him guilty of ‘dangerous coxing’ when he spun too early after the finish of the time trial, blocking the way of other crews.

The cox was fined £25 for the offence.

This is not the first time Zorrilla’s coxing has invited controversy. Whilst coxing the Blue Boat to their win against Cambridge in March, he was overheard swearing live on the BBC.

The BBC failed to turn down or mute Zorrilla’s microphone during the race, leading to the broadcasting of his repeated shouts of ‘fuck’ to millions of viewers.

Zorrilla’s calls included ‘Be fucking tenacious’ and ‘That’s the fucking stuff’, forcing the BBC to publicly apologise.

However some expressed their admiration for Zorrilla’s unique style of coxing. Commenting on his recent offence, Alasdair Lennon, a rower in St John’s M3, said: “Oskar doesn’t deserve this from the OURC, since he delivered us a hard fought win and the words “fucking tenacious” on live daytime TV.”

Some were more disparaging however, with one college’s Men’s Captain of Rowing observing: “There is nothing more comical than old blues/olympians being called for an Eights squad, and then getting overshadowed by unheard of college squads.”

He cautioned Oskar on letting Blues squad membership go to his head: “Just goes to show that BNY Mellon stash is not everything.”

Kieran Hyatt, Men’s Captain of Rowing at Keble College, echoed this statement. He commented: “it’s quite embarassing for Zorilla, and although he may be a good cox most of the time, on this performance, I doubt he would have had any chance of
making the blue boat. Sean Bowden would not have been impressed.”

Some went so far as to claim that Zorilla’s dangerous coxing had prevented them from performing to their full potential at Rowing On. The self-proclaimed ‘Cap’n’ of the Keble ‘Banter Barge’, who failed to qualify for Summer Eights, commented: “In our boat we have nine people, none of whom can row, but we’re still better than Oskar Zorrilla. Personally, I blame his appalling coxing for the fact that we didn’t qualify at Rowing On.”

St Hugh’s Boat Club and Oxford University Rowing Clubs were both contacted for comment, but declined to respond.

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