Local Heroes…Robin Lomax

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Olivia Arigho Stiles chats to club promoter Robin Lomax

Hi Robin. Lomax is an interesting name. Are you half english, half-DJ?


I’m the person behind Sensible Dancehall (http://www.sensibledancehall.com/) a hub for Caribbean music in the Oxford. I update the website a few times a week with details on reggae, dancehall and soca events in the city, as well as mixes, videos, interviews etc. I also run Pon de Floor, a new ‘tropical’ party at The Cellar as well as DJing whenever anyone needs someone on the cheap.


What is Pon de Floor? Sounds like a dubious detergent to me…

Pon de Floor is a club night at The Cellar on the third Thursday of every month, showcasing the best party music from around the world in an attempt to create a global bass carnival under Cornmarket Street.


How did you get into the club scene?

It all started when researching shows for the website. There are lots of individual reggae promoters in Oxford and I always felt like the city was split between two groups of punters. I wanted the students that go to Skylarkin’s nights to head to the parties in deepest OX4, and vice versa. The website was a chance for people that were into the same sort of music to come together, I suppose. As a result of running the website and DJing a bit, I was asked to play at some of these shows and have consequently made some really great friends in the scene.


And what has it done to your sleeping patterns?

I really can’t resist a party. It’s dangerous, I’m told.


If you had to have one song on repeat in your head In Perpetuam what would it be?

The Toddla T remix of Popcaan’s Get Gyal Easy is infectious. Due to the name of the night, I find myself tapping away to Major Lazer’s Pon de Floor in my sleep.


How does the Oxford club scene compare to other cities?

I think we’re very lucky to have some great promoters and tons of people willing to come out and party. Oxford’s love for reggae music has resulting in fantastic shows and well-supported residencies, rivaling the scenes in Leeds and Manchester. Our cities size and the reliance on students to turn out means we’ll never set the world on fire, but what we’ve got is very friendly and well supported.


What one genre should die an ugly death this very minute?

To be honest, I’m open to everything at PDF. Well, I’d be a bit annoyed if someone played a hardcore metal set or started showing in some Les Mis ‘bangers’, but I’d hate to see a genre (and especially those that follow/promote it) go to the wall.


What’s coming up in Oxford that we definitely shouldnt miss?

July’s Pon de Floor session is headlined by Brooklyn-based dancehall promoter Dre Skull which promises to be the shows of the year. He’s responsible for some of the biggest tracks out of the Caribbean in the last eighteen months and has worked alongside Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Beenie Man and Snoop Lion.