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Olivia Arigho Stiles talks to local funkster Zander Sharp

zander sharp

Hi Zander! Who are you and what do you study?

I’m a first year English student with a passion for grammar.


What genre is your music?

Half folk, half ska, but looking to add a third half to that. Sidenote – third half would be a really alternative bandname


What have you been up to on the Oxford music scene?

I’ve split my time between gigging as me and then playing in the funk/jazz band Cross Keys. 


If your music were a vegetable (legumes included) what would it be?

A radish. Everything else is too darn mainstream.


What does the typical Zander Sharp groupie resemble?

Nothing specific. Maybe a 5’8 green-eyed brunette with a secret ambition to be a goatherd but her father just won’t let her.


Reform or Revolution: Discuss.

Revolution. It’s way sexier.


Has anything especially embarassing happened to you while performing?

Yes, My larger-than-average nose keeps hitting the microphone and whenever it does i’m terrified it will fall.


Who would be your dream duet?

I think Pocahontas has a great voice, but probably not much stage presence.


Jagger. Bowie. Naked mud wrestling. Who is victorious?

Bowie, he definitely fights dirty. Though Jagger has experience on his side. That’s a toughie.


What’s coming up in the near future for Zander Sharp? 

I’ve got an EP in the works which Stornoway are helping me record and then I’m going on a mini-tour in July that I’m really excited for.


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