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A student sex survey has shown that Oxford students have had an average of 4.17 sexual partners since starting university.

Oxford comes in at 33rd place, beating Cambridge, who sit in 41st place with 3.92 partners. Durham languishes even further behind in 57th place with 3.6 partners.

This shows a switch from the previous year’s figures, where Cambridge came in at 17th place with 4.62 partners, with Oxford at 51st place, with 3.44 sexual partners.

The survey was conducted by student website studentbeans.com, who asked 6, 653 people university students from across the UK about their sex lives and relationships between 21st April and 1st May 2013.

Holly Meehan, a second year at Keble commented: “I am proud to see Oxford performing so well in the sex table. I hold myself personally responsible for this state of affairs, and will be doubling my energies for next year in order to ensure we grab the one spot. You stay sexy Oxford.”

Whereas one “frustrated” PPE finalist said: “Thank goodness for the post-exam goldrush or this figure would be significantly lower. See you in El Dorado, ladies!”

However, others were less optimistic about the figures. One English fresher said: “I feel like some students may bring the total down so the number is not necessarily representative of Oxford students as a whole- take my friend Benedict Gardner who just narrowly managed to avoid his 1000th night without sex, he’s now on the prowl in Bridge each thursday looking to bring his (and our) total higher.”

This is the third year that the survey has been run, and shows a decrease in the average number of partners per student when compared to last year’s figures.

Roehampton University topped the table with an average number of 6.32 sexual partners since starting university, with the University of Salford languishing at the bottom with only 1.35 partners.

This survey comes after news that Cambridge and Oxford topped a table as the highest university purchasers from sex toy website Lovehoney.co.uk. A Lovehoney.co.uk spokesman explained: “I think the reason Oxford and Cambridge came top of the university league tables in terms of sex toy sales is because their students have always had a healthy interest in sex.


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