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lgbt flag on postUniv postgrads passed motions last week to fly the rainbow flag above the College during LGBTQ History Month, and to lobby Univ alumni in the House of Lords to support the same-sex marriage legislation.

The JCR passed similar motions at their meeting on Sunday, having voted to fly the LGBTQ flag for the last two years, suggesting overall student support for LGBTQ issues at the college.

The motions were put forward by the President of the Weir Common Room (Univ’s MCR), TJ Bolt, who was “proud” to say that both received “unanimous support”.

He said: “Flying the LBGTQ flag would make the statement that Univ is not only accepting and open, but an active body that is receptive to changing traditions.”

The motion stated that the letter aimed to communicate to the Old Members that “University College is a welcoming and accepting place”. It added that it supported the Bill as espousing “the WCR’s values as an inclusive entity.”

The Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill passed in the House of Commons in May despite opposition from Nicola Blackwood, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, who voted against the motion.

The Bill is now scheduled to go before the House of Lords on June 3rd, where a number of Univ alumni sit, including former Master Lord Butler.

Bolt explained that he proposed the motions because, “flying the LBGTQ flag sends a bold statement, saying that the college supports equality and does not stand for discrimination, such as harassment or bullying.

“Such statements are supported by the College’s equality policy and the general atmosphere of acceptance among the students.”

Bolt is due to meet the Master of University College, Sir Ivor Crewe, to discuss the flying of the flag this week.

According to a poll taken by the Sunday Times on May 17th, 74 per cent of Britons between ages 18-24 and 70 percent between ages 24-39 support same-sex marriage, thus constituting a vast majority of those represented by the WCR.


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