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New College JCR have unanimously voted to ban Page 3, passing a motion to cancel its subscription to The Sun until Page 3 is removed from the newspaper. The JCR showed its support for the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign, echoing its slogan that “Boobs aren’t news”.

The motion, proposed by Harry Jewson, argued that “A newspaper is not the place for porn.” It described Page 3 as “sexist”, as it “objectifies women and implies that their only role in society is to sexually gratify men.”

It also acknowledged other potential objections to Page 3, including it “portraying a false and unrealistic standard of beauty”.

Jewson noted that the motion did not intend to restrict students’ habits, as JCR members would still be allowed to buy their own copies of The Sun or read it online.

The motion follows similar anti-Page 3 plans passed by Brasenose, Lincoln and Teddy Hall.

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