The Best Moments of 2012/2013

cuppers crowd - natalie wallenBest Event

Sport feeds off atmosphere. It’s what it’s all about; a frenzied crowd whipping up the players into a fast-paced, emotional encounter. Take your pick out of a European night at Anfield with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ booming out, or ringside at a heavy-weight boxing match – those are the sporting moments that you remember. Our favourite sporting moment of the year was the Rugby Cuppers Final between Keble and Teddy Hall. 1,000 drunk students, packed into a floodlit and low-capacity Iffley Stadium. As a spectator it is pretty hard to beat.


Most Dramatic Moment 

women's varsity - Charley TurtonWomen’s Blues Varsity was an extremely tense 120-minute battle. The Blues got off to an early lead but Cambridge equalised late in the second half, leading to extra time and penalties. Watching from the side-lines as Oxford’s third penalty hit the post and Cambridge went on to take the title was devastating, but the match itself was a highly dramatic and hard-fought game; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such determination


Most Skilful Moment

Julian Austin’s goal in the football Cuppers final. Chesting the ball down and blasting it right-footed into the net from eighteen yards out. Deeply sexy football, and it capped a brilliant performance.


Biggest Eye-Opener 

Sitting in on a session with the Oxford Parkour group was definitely an eye-opener for me, not least because 24 hours before I had no idea what Parkour was. There was something primeval about the movements, which are natural but seldom required by our modern lifestyles. The idea that our bodies are able to do much more than we give them credit for was an interesting one, and got me thinking about how Parkour might be useful as training for other sports. in football.


catz foxesFunniest Moment 

Women’s football cuppers final. St Catz vs Foxes. A St Catz supporter dressed, God knows why, as an ice-cream cone gets into a heckling match with one of the Foxes supporters on the opposite side-line. Eventually she gets so sick of him that she sprints across the pitch and, wielding her handbag, chases him around the field, shouting “I’ll get you ice-cream boy!” It was surreal.



PHOTOS / Charley Turton; Natalie Warren