Hassan made honourary Lincoln JCR member


Broad Street kebab vendor Hassan Elouahabi has been made an honourary member of Lincoln JCR. The motion, passed with a single vote against, gives him privileges including the right to attend and vote at meetings.

The submission to the JCR commended Mr Elouhabi for his ‘service to our establishment’, arguing that he deserved ‘thanks and gratitude’ in the form of honourary membership. Put forward by Adam Montague, the motion noted further that ‘Hassan’s can only be described as an Oxford institution of the highest importance, and one that is integral to the welfare of Lincolnites.’

Honourary membership also gives the right to use JCR facilities to Mr Elouahabi , who was delighted to hear of his new membership.“This is very good news,” he told The Oxford Student. “Does that mean I get a certificate? Then I can go down to the JCR and watch TV and football. It’s great!”

James Restall, Independent Chair of Lincoln JCR, explained that “the JCR was asked to recount their stories of good times at Hassan’s. Naturally, the motion was passed with only one person voting against.”

This measure comes despite the second-week failure of a motion to make TV personality Angelos Epithemiou an honourary member.

Kebab enthusiast Raph Torrance, one of the signatories behind the motion, expressed his pleasure at the success of the membership campaign. “Whilst I’m still mourning the loss of the Angelos motion, I’m glad to know that another van-based greasemonger who has a place in my heart (and arteries) will be joining the hallowed ranks of Lincoln’s JCR.

“Even when I visit at 3am, beslippered and bedressing-gowned, he obligingly serves me with a smile and sans judgement. What more could you ask for?”