LIVE NEWS: Explosion at St Hugh’s

16.40 A photograph taken at the scene, including what appears to be the suspect package.
16.28 Bomb confirmed to be a hoax. St Hugh’s students confirmed to be making a bomb scare playlist, including Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’, and ‘Boom boom boom’, by the Vengaboys

16:25 St Hugh’s release statement: “A package was found on college grounds this morning that, to be cautious, was treated as suspicious, but the police have confirmed that it is not an explosive device and poses no danger. As a precautionary measure certain college buildings had been evacuated, but the buildings are now operational again and the situation is returning to normal. We thank the police and we appreciate the calm response of everyone involved.”

15:47 Reports that St Hugh’s bomb scare is over, students allowed to return to rooms. No official statement yet.

15:40 MOD confirm two controlled explosions at St Hugh’s. Reports claiming four are false.

15:30 MoD have confirmed that only two controlled explosions have taken place, contrary to Cherwell reports.

15:20 Speculation mounting over provenance of the package, with @jpspencer2 tweeting, “Wondering if the St Hughs bomb scare is more to do with the China Centre than the college”

15:08 The Thames Valley Police press office has said that they were called out at 11:32  about a suspect package, and have established a 100m cordon around the site, although they cannot confirm whether sniffer dogs have been used in surrounding houses.

15:02 Tweet from St Hugh’s College, “Suspect package found on college grounds today. As precautionary measure we have taken this seriously. Police and fire services attending.”

15:00 Tweet from @MarkCrawford0: “Why would you bomb St Hughs? That’s like attacking the Isle of Man. #notsureifbadtasteornot”

14:53 Contrary to other reports, the MoD have confirmed that there have been two controlled explosions, and a further two “pops”.

14:51 A police dog has been taken into properties around the college, according to the Oxford Mail.

14:45 Comment from second year historian at the scene Matt Handley, “A blitz spirit has descended on the college”, notes that first priority of college after making sure of student safety was to provide subfusc.

PHOTO//Oxford Mail


14:38 Tweet from @sophiejam “Bomb scare in college. All going down at St Hughs!”

14:34 There have been multiple reports of a further explosion, and a further bomb disposal team has arrived, which the MoD has confirmed is from the Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal unit.

PHOTO//St Hugh’s College


14:24 A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said,  “They carried out a controlled explosion. It is an ongoing situation.”

PHOTO//Laurie Blackman


14:15 The college’s Kenyon building has been closed as a precautionary measure.

A university spokesperson has said, “A suspect package was found on college grounds this morning and the police are dealing with the situation. As a precautionary measure we have taken this seriously and acted immediately to ensure people’s safety. Police and fire services were called and nearby buildings evacuated. When there is more information, we will provide it.”

14:14 Reports of a second controlled explosion have been made by students

14:05 Woodstock Road to Hugh’s has been closed off, meaning that no-one can enter or exit the college

13:38 A controlled explosion has occurred at St Hugh’s after a “suspicious package” was discovered. Students have been evacuated from half of the college, and confined to the college hall.

At around 12.30, St Hugh’s students were denied access to their rooms, and around half moved into the college hall, whilst the controlled explosion took place, around 50 minutes later.

The package was found close to the college’s Maplethorpe building, adjacent tot the Presiden’t’s lodgings.

Whilst police and a bomb disposal squad were at the scene, onlookers said they looked calm, and appeared to be working through a standard procedure.