5 of the best: Cinematic Friendships


1. Han Solo and Chewbacca 

Han solo

The landscape of modern film is riddled with weird and wacky friendships, but none quite so unusual as that shared by Han and Chewie. The terrible twosome let race and language be no barrier to true camaraderie, with Chewie’s incoherent ramblings prompting amusing banter from Solo in response. The cool, calculating Solo is exquisitely contrasted with Chewie’s endearing physicality, and the two are supplied a perfect foil in the shape of R2D2 and C3PO’s (who very almost earned a spot in this list) co-dependent partnership. The ever-bickering droids are nonetheless always together, just as Han and his Wookie always have each other’s’ backs. It’s a peerless, egoless partnership that just seems to work, and despite their squabbles it’s the casual barney that really sells their friendship to the viewer.


2. Woody and Buzz

As Randy Newman once tunefully crooned, you’ve got a friend in me. Buzz and Woody epitomise the transition from cold indifference to downright hatred to a real partnership that makes for the very best of friendships. Across three films, fifteen years and several close shaves they grew closer by the minute, and by the end of the first showed a mental connection that rivals even that of the Star Wars duo. Able to combine their talents to save their skin and be reunited with owner Andy in the first film, they remain (more or less) inseparable for the rest of the trilogy, and it soon becomes clear that the two epitomise the mantra that opposites attract and that real friendship bridges any boundary.


3. Merry and Pippin

Rarely (if ever) has there been a more beloved pair that the hairy-footed hobbits that stole the show in Tolkein’s acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy. The defining moment of their friendship is hidden deep in the extended edition of The Return of the King, where they are found, smoking and drinking, on the outskirts of sacked Isengard to the infuriation of Gandalf and his posse. They stand high above the rest (despite their small stature) on a victorious pile of rubble and proclaim the delights of ‘well-earned comforts’ on which their friendship was, after all, built in the first place. From the rowdy atmosphere of the Green Dragon pub to the bloody battlefields, Merry and Pippin proved time and again that they’ll always find a way to be together, even when they’re apart.


4. Wayne and Garth

There are few better opening sequences that that of Wayne’s World. The sight of headbanging hippies Wayne and Garth bopping along to the immortal lyrics of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is one that lives long in the memory and epitomises the bond between these two beatniks. Wacky, wild and (most likely) more than a little drug-infused, the proud owners of the Mirthmobile have a friendship not quite like any other. Famed late-night TV show hosts, stars they are not but happy they most certainly are. The two spend their lives together and prove time and again that women, relationships and good sense be damned: whacking on a cassette with your best bro and rocking out is what friendship is really all about. Schwing!


5. Kirk and Spock

If ever a friendship was borne out of differences, it’s that shared between these two. Though originally hostile to the member of the notably stiff Vulcan race, Kirk soon learns to love Spock’s quirks and accepts him not only as a crew member but as a fabulous friend too. The two supply hands-down the emotional moment in a sci-fi movie as (spoilers) Spock sacrifices himself to save the enterprise. Of course, Kirk rushes to his dying friend’s side and finally supplies us with an over-dramatic pause that doesn’t feel over-dramatic. The superb acting of Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine only cemented the friendship and even served as a platform for Spock to show his softer, more human side as opposed to his usual Vulcan resoluteness and calm.  Though creed, class and temper divide these two, a firm resilience and commitment to the cause does much more to bring them together.

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