Pictorial: Newspaper nails


Newspaper nails pictorial 1This is the ultimate smart-girl nail art. It is one of the easiest techniques I have done on my nails but it is one of the ones I get the most compliments for. You might not want to read the newspaper, so you can cut it up and put it on your nails instead!

What you will need:

  • A very pale base coat
  • 10 small pieces of newspaper
  • Some rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit), and a little pot to put some in
  • A good clear nail varnish to finish with

Newspaper nails pictorial 2

1. Apply the light colour onto your nails. I have used a very pale pink, but any light colour will look good as long as the newspaper print will be able to show up over it.

Newspaper nails pictorial 3

 2. Pour out about an inch of surgical spirit into a pot and then soak your finger in it for about 10 seconds. Don’t feel like you are wasting the surgical spirit – you can pour it back in when you are finished! Once your nails are entirely dry, dip one in the spirit for about 10 seconds.

Newspaper nails pictorial 4Newspaper nails pictorial 5

 3. Press and hold a piece of newspaper on the recently dipped nail for 15-20 seconds. It is very important that your nails are completely dry. This works best when you move the newspaper as little as possible. If you move it when it is pressed onto your nail, the text will blur slightly. Hold it pressed firm onto your nail for about 15 seconds, and then carefully peel it off

Newspaper nails pictorial 6

4. Finish off with a coat of clear nail varnish – and you’re done! 

Newspaper nails pictorial 7Newspaper nails pictorial 8


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