Robin Thicke’s unrated ‘Blurred Lines’ blurs boundaries

robin thicke blurred lines music video

Since its release in the spring, the ‘unrated’ version of Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ (for the full music video, see below) has attracted a lot of attention. But I think it’s high time everyone stopped banging on about the men in the video. I find the public focus on their well-cut, moderately edgy suits – not to mention musical aptitude – incredibly degrading. Instead, let’s give them a well-earned break and discuss the masterpieces sported by their female colleagues.

The opening bed shot informs us that pyjamas are regressing. With the model shrouded head-to-toe in a flannel nightgown, we can infer that in the case of fabric in bed, more is less, and there is no need to expose an inch of skin to retain the sex appeal necessary to entice Mr Thicke into a steamy spooning session. In our next shot of said model, at 0:09, I would like to draw the attention away from the blatant and shocking objectification of Thicke, so unsubtly positioned with his back to the camera, in prime position for being ogled, and focus on the folds of silk engulfing the starring brunette. Swathes of black, white and yellow, no doubt inspired by an early glimpse at the season’s Louis Vuitton collection, allow us to indulge in a purer aesthetic than the crude sexualisation of innocent young males.

robin thicke unrated music videoLuckily, the fashion treats don’t end here. We are subject to a display of ever more beautiful garments, draped over what I can only speculate are lithe young bodies, with the tailoring showed off to maximum potential by some expert dancing. It’s a wonder nobody else has commented on these women’s outfits: they really know how to work it. Unfortunately, the flannel nightgown stays relatively undercover, only in the bed shots. I would have loved to see all three of the models in them, doing a synchronised dance routine. Having said that, T.I. wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off them, so perhaps that’s why they left it out. In 2013, it’s clear that we are far beyond sexualised pop songs, and there’s no way Robin Thicke would want to undermine his musical and lyrical masterpiece by drawing such a stark contrast between men and women with dancing in old-fashioned nighties. I mean, that would be all anybody would talk about.

I could write so much more about the sartorial delights of ‘Blurred Lines’. However, I’ll just have to hope that I’ve raised some awareness, and that YouTube users will stop discussing the three men in the video. Women don’t get nearly enough attention for how they look, and these particular three empresses deserve all the credit in the world.