FRESHERS’ WEEK: The ultimate university shopping list part 2!


Earlier this month, the fashion editors at The Oxford Student presented you with their Ultimate University Shopping List. It was a bold and brilliant selection preparing you (the best and brightest!) for the start of term. However, we noticed a one-sidedness to the items put forward. While their tips will be great for guys come a cross-dressing ‘bop’, we felt the lads could do with a similar list to avoid any fashion faux pas come Freshers’ Week. Read on for the Ultimate University Shopping List Part 2 brought to you by two of Oxford’s very own self-proclaimed fashionistas.




asos male bags

Kostas: Start as you mean to go on with this military style ASOS satchel (£22) and instil a sense of discipline and panache in to the art of carrying books.

Sam: Despite my dislike for bags, when you’re cycling down Turl Street one-handedly, it is kind of necessary to have a solid bag for all those books and laptops. Since discovering the ASOS barrel bag (£30), I have never looked back.


winter coats

Kostas: This Banana Republic trench coat (£175) will keep the chills and water away but radiate flare.

Sam: An absolute staple, opt for Massimo Dutti’s biker puffer jacket (expected retail £150) this winter.  Team it with some basic black leather gloves for that refined yet rugged feel … similar to the experience of writing a post-club, pre-tute essay.


winter shoes

Kostas: You can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, and these ASOS desert suede boots (£40) will certainly let everyone know that you mean business – understated, practical and stylish business.

Sam: According to someone, at some time: “Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter. When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery.” Follow this stellar advice  and invest in these Hugo Boss suede monks (£239).



Kostas: Mature yet classy, this Massimo Dutti dyed twill blazer (£99.95) will instantly add an academic air to any outfit.

Sam: The essential blazer transforms ‘casual’ into ‘smart’.  A blazer speaks louder than words at networking events and interviews, so pay close attention to detail. With this Moss Herringbone blazer (£89), you can’t go wrong.



Kostas: Simple yet effective, this bar stripe Banana Republic shirt (£49.50) is a sophisticated finishing touch to any club look. Plus, it’s non-iron so can be washed and left to hang before use again, perfect for that lazy morning after the night before.

Sam:  My personal preference is this TM Lewin Corduroy shirt (34.95). Corduroy is timeless yet versatile, both casual and killer. In any case, go for something non-iron – no socialite has time to iron anything in Oxford!



Kostas: This classic Zara structured blazer (£178.99) will keep you feeling super-fly while you have to sit through the barrage of photos and consume copious amounts of alcohol on that oh-so-special day. Add a simple white shirt (£39.50) and a plain white bow tie (£20), and say hello to becoming an official student at Oxford University!

Sam: Once you have matriculated and proceed to drink your way through the day, you must peak at least twice and be sartorially prepared for the challenge. This Moss Zegna suit (£249) is a great investment made from beautiful wool, and should be paired with a simple TM Lewin Herringbone shirt (£34.95).


essay crisis jumpers

Kostas: This Woolovers Aran sweater (£37) is the perfect essay crisis companion, giving you a hug akin to that which only a thousand clouds could offer.

Sam: Soon the routine of being burdened with work will prove somewhat overwhelming. What could be better to see you through those moods than a warm winter jumper like this Gap cardigan (£44.95)?


tutorial outfits

Kostas: A simple, comfortable and preppy outfit, with Uniqlo chinos (£29.90) and a Super Dry hoodie (£49.99), that will make your tutor happy with its sobriety and you smile because it’s so cosy. Add any shirt or t-shirt of your choosing and remember to stay focused – even if your tute partner can’t stop staring at you!

Sam: Cable knit sweaters are essential during winter and they look great too. Match this Zara sweater (£45.99) with a pair of slim fit Zara jeans, £45.99  and some brogues.


essential autumn accessory

Kostas: Add a sense of ambition and flare to your outfit with this Littlefinger mockingbird pin (£12), making sure everyone knows that you are a key player for the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Sam: A slouched beanie in an autumnal hue will suit anyone. My pretentious knowledge of colours beyond the primary palette aside, this All Saints slouched beanie (£35) gives the impression that despite doing an intense degree at one of the world’s best universities, you are still supremely laid-back.


 black tie event

Kostas: A solid tuxedo set (£150) that won’t break the bank, is durable and cut in a classic style ensures you fulfil all of your Brideshead fantasies on Oxford’s electric ball scene. The classic wing collar shirt (£30) and simple self-tie bow tie (£20) adds that extra va-va-voom, while the Ronald Cartier shoes (£89) were made for dancing and romancing!

Sam: Forget notch lapels and shawl lapels. If you want to peak on your night, your lapel choice has to coincide with that – peak lapels are the way to go. This Reiss Tuxedo (£450) will guarantee you a good night.

If you missed the fashion editors’ Ultimately University Shopping List earlier this month, you can still read it here.

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