Get fit for Michaelmas: Bums, Tums, and Thighs

Bums, Tums, and Thighs


A favourite with middle-aged women everywhere, this is definitely not one for the boys. Seriously boys, don’t do it. It’s basically aerobics but camped up to the max, meaning you’re never further than a pair of fluorescent leg-warmers and some jazz hands away from a Fame-esque ‘80s experience. There’s usually no equipment involved, just good old-fashioned enthusiasm, generally provided by an overly perky instructor.


  • Good for beginners because it’s not overly intense and nobody minds if you screw up your grapevine as long as you’re smiling.


  • Might as well be called ‘Thighs, Thighs and Thighs’ because the bum and the tum hardly get a look in. However, if you’re a fan of doing lunge upon lunge until your eyes water, this is perfect for you.
  • You’ll most likely be the youngest person in the room.

Morning After Burn Factor:  6/10 – Mostly in the thighs. Expect to walk downstairs sideways for a day or two.

Tomorrow: Circuit Training

Classes in Oxford: The University doesn’t (yet) offer bespoke Bums, Tums, and Thighs classes, but a number of independent gyms do. Heading down could be the perfect way to break out of the University bubble.