Get Fit for Michaelmas: Circuit Training


Circuit training

Sprinting, skipping, squatting, press-ups, pull-ups, boxing and hurdles – a good circuit has them all and more. Circuit training tries to trick you into thinking it’s easy because you only have to exercise for 50 seconds at a time. Don’t be fooled; you’ll be gasping in your 10 second break.


  • Sessions tend to go quickly because you’re never doing the same thing for more than a minute.
  • A great overall workout that’s good for both cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, which means it’s perfect for those Blues players who want to supplement their weekly training.


  • You don’t have much control over your own workout. If you come across an activity that you can’t handle due to injury or general apathy, your choice is either to bite your lip and get on with it or stand there like a lemon until the whistle goes.

Morning After Burn Factor: 8/10 – This can vary depending on how hard you push yourself, but if you’re trying to keep up with the aforementioned Blues players, it can be quite intense.

Classes in Oxford: The University offers Circuit training twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays:


Tomorrow: Body Pump


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