TRV: The Lightning Child

Torn between shopping and Shakespeare? A couple of pints or an evening of Pinter? Here at OxStu Stage, we know the torment of theatre on a budget. But we also believe that you can have your proverbial cake and eat it  – so we’re bringing you the very best of London’s shows, at prices your overdraft will simply adore.

Just add Billie Holliday.
Just add Billie Holiday.

WhatThe Lightning Child

What (2.0): The new wacky (really fucking wacky) musical version of Euripides’ The Bacchae which sees Dionysus, god of wine/theatre/revelry interfere with the lives of astronauts, violinists and, er, Billie Holiday in purple flares and silver heeled boots.

Where: Shakespeare’s Globe

How: Get £5 ‘yard’ (i.e. standing) tickets and a free bottle of Peroni by booking online and using the code ‘PCDYARDANDBEER’.

Worth it? Erm. Well. Essentially, it’s a fiver for a beer (which, actually, in central London is pretty cheap) and a LOT of gold lycra. To be brutally honest the plot doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing half the time, and alternates between bawdy dance routines and bloody massacres. While Classicists might suggest this is the plot of The Bacchae anyway, it seems to me that Euripides had a bit of class. You won’t find any of that here. A good laugh, if nothing more.

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