TRV: Macbeth

What: Macbeth

What (2.0): Eve Best directs this traditional version of Macbeth at the Globe and, with Joseph Millson as Macbeth, Billy Boyd (Pippin! From Lord of the Rings!) as Banquo and Samantha Spiro as Lady Macbeth, a pretty stellar cast in Renaissance dress presents a pretty safe bet.

Where:The Globe

How: Groundling tickets for £5 can be booked online (700 available per performance).

Worth it?: Back at The Globe once again, with some of the overlapping cast bringing back haunting memories of The Lightning Child*, this time for an entirely antipodal show – Macbeth is about as traditional as you can get without being vomited on in the yard: seventy five carat tourism gold.The production is slick and well executed (sorry), and Macbeth is fit. If you can deal with 3 hours on your feet and having to occasionally passive-aggressively ahem some absorbed audience member out of your direct line of view, then I’d say this is about as worth it as cheap theatre tickets get. Macbeth doesn’t do anything new, but it’s an impressive performance from an excellent cast.

*Remembering that you’ve recently seen Fleance (Colin Ryan) in golden hotpants undermines the tragedy for some reason.

PHOTO/ Wikipedia Commons