Hugh’s churn up chunder blunder

Students at St Hugh’s College have been reprimanded by JCR President Tom Pope following an incident on the first night of Freshers’ Week in which ‘several communal spaces around college were left in an unacceptable state’ and vomit was found in both the corridors and the JCR.

Pope warned that if such behaviour persists, ‘the freshers’ week schedule may have to be amended and limited,’ emphasizing that students ‘have a responsibility to ensure that communal areas in college which you use are kept in an acceptable state.’

According to a mass email sent to the whole JCR, scouts were forced to spend more than ten hours cleaning up the affected areas, and Pope condemned in strong terms the ‘disrespectful’ assumption that scouts are ‘here to clean up your drunken mess.’

A student at Hugh’s, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggested that the events on the night ‘didn’t have the appearance of being overly rowdy,’ and declined to lay the blame at the feet of either freshers or finalists.

This is not the first time that Hugh’s students have been reprimanded as a body by college or JCR authorities. Earlier this year the college issued a warning to the JCR criticising the behaviour of junior members at the college’s weekly formal hall. Then, as now, Pope stressed that members of the JCR should be able to ‘take responsibility for our actions and prove that we are, in fact, adults.’

Thea Bradbury, a second-year German student at St Hugh’s, said that ‘it’s understandable for some people to drink too much during freshers’ week, this level of mess is unfair on the scouts,’ noting that ‘there’s been a lot of vomiting all over the place this freshers’ week.’

Several members of the JCR executive at St Hugh’s felt the need to step in, with Access Rep William Golightly mentioning in a routine email that ‘the pool table was doused in a lot of wine’ on one occasion. Most straightforward was Entz Rep Alice Hart, who simply said that “we do not enjoy clearing up vomit. Please don’t vomit.”