The OxStu guide to rappers’ clothing brands

Fame-hungry bloggers are consigning their dictator-print shell suits and neon burqas to the back of the wardrobe; there have been sightings of models tentatively ingesting actual carbohydrates. It can only mean that the month-long fashion week circuit has drawn to a close. However, if, like us, you’re feeling unsatisfied by the inexplicable absence of grillz, Jesus pieces and general dope-ness from the runways, we’ve produced a guide  to the wonderful world of rappers’ personal clothing lines.

1) Kanye x APC










‘But where’s the $WAG?!’ I hear you cry, philistines. To the untrained eye, these might just look like the sort of thing the plebs would pick up on a multi-buy in Primark, but make no mistake; these are hip-hop t-shirts. We are reliably informed that Kanye’s design was ratified by the Tupac hologram, and that the ‘washed’  Egyptian cotton refers to each T-shirt being briefly submerged in Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pool. The fit is ‘very loose’ so they’ll flatter skinny Lil Wayne types as well as those of portlier Biggie proportions. Unfortunately, these sold out in minutes, but they’re still available on eBay for a reasonable $280.

img22) Odd Future Clothing

Not a fan of ‘ye’s understated cool? OFWGKTA’s line may very well be your THC-laced cup of tea. The online store is a multi-layered, multi-coloured, conceptual homage to cats, doughnuts, weed and dolphins; we recommend the Loiter Squad Po-Po Cats Tee because, in the words of Taylor, Earl and the gang ‘these are some ridiculous ass cats.. that’s why they tight’. Preach.

img33) Pharrell’s Billionare Boys’ Club

Or, perhaps you were mildly enthusiastic about Watch The Throne and have downloaded a couple of songs from Drake’s new album without being prepared to fully commit yourself to the thug life? Fear not:  Pharrell Williams, in his infinite suaveness, has carved out a niche catering to those toe-dippers testing the trill waters. His sportswear section includes preppy hybrids such as this rugby shirt, for those with a desire to be just a little bit more fly than your average Jack Wills customer without becoming a gold-toothed pariah down at the Union.


4) Wiz Khalifa’s Freshko










If you still aren’t satisfied then there’s a 60% chance you have no swag. However, it’s also possible that you nurture a distaste for vapid consumerism and enjoy using your popular tumblr to immortalise Wiz’ ever-insightful maxims in tasteful gifs; luckily for you, his clothing company, Freshko, targets just such conscientious Starbucks objectors. Its core motif is the ‘elemonkey’, a nuanced allegory which symbolizes good luck , fortune , strength , courage , wisdom, intelligence, leadership and career victory’. Deep. If you’re struggling to see all that in the silhouette of a monkey riding an elephant, maybe you should think about purchasing some prosaic, Lil Wayne-endorsed Trukfit instead, cretin.

5) Drake’s Yolo Polo

The self-explanatory holy grail of all hip-hop couture; not to be attempted by those with less than impeccable steez. Remains unendorsed by Drizzy himself, to the bemusement of many a covetous rapper.