‘Overheard at Oxford’ on brink of civil war

Drama raged throughout the Oxford Facebook scene today, as recently installed ‘Overheard at Oxford Uni’ President James Johnson used his powers to expel group veteran Joe Miles.

The President has also taken the decision to rebrand the group, giving it the new name “The James Johnson Appreciation Society”.

It had been announced earlier this week that Johnson had succeeded in becoming the inaugural President of the group after the leading candidate, London Mayor Boris Johnson had declined to run.

When asked to explain his actions, Johnson told this paper:

“I have decided to launch the coup and create the James Johnson Appreciation Society.”

“I felt the need to dismantle the Joe Miles dictatorship that had choked the creativity of OAOU.”

OAOU Screenshot
The announcement made by the President on the page of the new fan club

Johnson also stated that his desire to feel appreciation for his role as Ashmole President (2012-13) also played a large part in coming to the decision.

Miles seemed to not want to take his sacking lying down, announcing his intention to secede from the group:

“When I set up a democratic election, I was hoping to avoid a military coup. However, seeing as Johnson is abusing his position, I will continue to fight for procrastinators everywhere in my attempts to secede from the original OAOU (now the James Johnson Fan Club)”

The name change of the society has been seen by many to be the beginning of a publicity drive by Johnson, with some going as far to say that this marks the beginnings of an OUSU Presidential Run. When asked to comment on these allegations, Johnson merely replied:

“We’ll have to watch that space”

It remains to be seen how this schism will affect the lives of Overheard addicts, and whether the breakaway group will gain enough support to provide Johnson with a rival.

For those wanting to follow the upcoming civil war and possibly choose a side, links to the JJFC and the breakaway OAOU can be found below.