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Oxford graduates have been named the most employable in the world in a survey published this week by the New York Times.

The Global Employability Survey placed Oxford at the top of the list, ahead of second-place Harvard, with Cambridge in third.

The survey, carried out as a cooperative initiative between French and German research firms, asked more than 5,000 recruiters from more than 30 countries to describe what they considered to be an ideal graduate. They were then asked to name the university most likely to produce such a graduate.

Reinforcing traditional academic hierarchies, the University of Tokyo was the only institution in the top ten from a non-English speaking country. The United States continues to dominate the list, taking seven institutions out of the top ten.

This survey comes in the wake of the publication of the Times’ Higher Education University ranking earlier this month, which claimed Oxford graduates had poorer employment prospects than graduates from Bath, Newcastle and Buckingham.

The study first utilised online responses from over 2,700 recruiters in 20 countries. It was specifically targeted those aiming to hire internationally.

Benjamin Crome, an enthusiastic job-seeker from Balliol, commented: “This is the best news I have heard in weeks.  I have been worried shitless that three years of blood, sweat and tears in the library will end in nothing more than frying chicken nuggets in a motorway service station.

The New York Times have reassured me about my personal value, and I am now applying for my dream job as Chief Taster at KFC.”

Holly Meehan, an equally concerned student,  added: “This is why I love Oxford.  We casually drift to the top of these league tables like a fairy floating on the breeze.”

Jonathan Black, Director of the Oxford Careers Service was “delighted” at the news, and added: “We do note that the recruiters’ survey confirmed that recruiters really value students with internship experience, a fact that students understand as well. Almost 1,000 students applied for one of the 400 Careers Service internships last summer – so we know the demand is there for more and we are working across the University, colleges and departments to grow this programme.


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