Stanton Sensation

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Jack Stanton, a recent graduate of the Ruskin School of Fine Art, has won the New Sensations art prize.

The New Sensations prize, often referred to as the “baby Turner Prize”, was launched six years ago. The competition, organised by the Saatchi Gallery in conjunction with Channel 4, aims to present the work of exciting new artists to an international audience during Frieze week in Regent’s Park, London.

Since its inauguration, New Sensations has become recognised as the most important annual prize for emerging artists, and competition is fierce.

In addition to the opportunity for exposure presented by the contest, a cash prize is also offered with the award.

Oxford has a strong tradition with the prize; Oliver Beer, another Ruskin Student, won the prize in 2009 and has since had a successful career as an artist.

This year, of the twenty finalists, four were from the Ruskin School.

The twenty finalist artists were comprised of MA and BA students from the UK and Ireland. The runner up was Rosie O’Grady, who completed her BA at the Glasgow School of Art this year.

The four short listed competitors produced short films, to be viewed and judged by a panel which included the curator of the Saatchi Gallery, the Visual Arts Editor of Time Out London, and the Commissioning Editor for Arts at Channel 4.

In his supporting statement for the competition, Jack said: “My work involves narratives of adolescence; my personal interpretations of formative archetypes set against commonly received ideas as presented by mass media.”

His work is accompanied by audio, which is often self-composed, and he states that performance plays a large part in his art: “I use my body and voice as means to directly inhabit the work.”

As a musician, artist and videographer, Stanton said that he hopes to create an effective combination of these fields into his work in the future.

Elizabeth Price, Jack’s tutor in his final year, commented: “I am delighted, but not unduly surprised by his success. I thought he had an exciting future in the profession. This high profile prize confirms his great potential, and will bring him many exciting opportunities to publicly fulfil.”

Commenting on the prestige brought to the Ruskin by their students’ success, she said: “It builds our reputation as an art school which is generating innovative, experimental contemporary art.”