Debater’s raid in Chelsea

Senior members of the Oxford Union came to the rescue of Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews last Thursday after he arrived for the debate without a speech prepared.

Matt Handley, Chair of the Debate Selection Committee, stepped into the breach and prepared a piece for Matthews to read, along with Standing Committee member Mehrunissa Sajjad and Librarian-Elect Crawford Jamieson.

The trio were also treated to a night out in London with the star after the debate, where they were joined by other stars from the hit TV show, including Josh Coombs.

“Spencer arrived having been given the impression by his agent that he was partaking in a panel discussion, rather than a ‘debate’, and so didn’t have a speech prepared,” Handley explained.

“After his speaker event, we sat down for 20 minutes and put together a speech, arguing that university education wasn’t a necessity for lots of people, and so shouldn’t be considered a right, and that it wasn’t fair to make taxpayers foot the bill for students to have three years of fun.”

Matthews, who was educated at Eton and has starred in the E4 reality show since it began, was described by Handley as “a great laugh”. He told the Oxford students that he loved going to balls and wanted to experience Formal Hall.

“My boi said he really enjoyed the debate, and would love to come back to the Union. It was great to see a celebrity speaker who seemed so happy to be there.”

Commenting on the post-debate events, Handley added: “Spencer offered to take us to London, where he was hosting a Halloween club night. We obviously said yes. It was a very surreal, but very very fun evening.”

As well as saving the star from having nothing to say, Handley also managed to do someone else a favour: “It was very nice of him to speak to my shrieking sister down the phone.”

Although the prospect of a speech at the Union may be daunting for some, Matthews’ visit to the Union was probably provided a welcome break. He suffered a torrid few days after an alleged naked photo of him was leaked to Twitter earlier in the week.

In his biography, Confessions of a Chelsea Boy, Matthews claims to have slept with more than 1,000 women.

The visit is one of several particularly high-profile speakers at the Union this term. FIFA President Sepp Blatter visited the society last week, while American singer-songwriter Billy Joel, X Factor winner Joe McElderry and controversial MP George Galloway have also appeared.

Spencer Matthews’ agent did not respond when asked for comment.