Drunken first-year swaps funk for trunk

A first-year student spent the early hours of Friday of Third Week in a car boot, after an alcohol-fuelled night out went wrong.

The male fresher, who wished to remain anonymous, was walking home on the way back from clubbing at Bridge. In an attempt to avoid the rain, he climbed into the boot of an unlocked vehicle on Worcester Street, where he fell asleep for several hours.

Speaking exclusively to The Oxford Student, the student explained: “I’m not sure what happened, but the boot was quite comfortable.”

When asked on the reasons for his actions, he said: “It was a mixture of double vodka cokes and tequila shots. I also feel very lucky that I didn’t close the boot on myself, otherwise I may not have been found.”

Paramedics found the student after a member of the public called an ambulance. After being woken up, the student was tended to at the scene and did not need to go to hospital.

This is not the first time this student has needed the use of the Oxfordshire emergency services – earlier in term, he was taken back to college in an ambulance.

He maintained that this would be the last of his wild drunken antics: “It’s really freaked me out to be honest. It’s made me realise that I probably need to slow down a little.”

The fresher had some advice for fellow boot-sleepers: “Try and do it in your own car boot and not in a random car boot in the cold and rain.”

Kate Milne, a third year welfare representative at St Hugh’s, commented: “This sort of thing is very understandable in the first few weeks of university.”

She added that freshers in particular experience a certain amount of peer pressure to drink excessively and to get good stories out of nights out: “In an alcohol obsessed culture you don’t want to be seen to be the boring one.”

The bewildered fresher was driven back to college after some routine checks in hospital, and spent the rest of the night in a friend’s bed. He has since made a full recovery.

Danny Piper, a third-year History student at Lincoln, commented: “This wouldn’t have happened if the lad had just gone to his local.”