Oxford themed board game launched

An Oxford graduate has created a board game named Dreaming Spires that allows players to build their own college and manage them strategically.

Jeremy Hogan, who studied Psychology and Philosophy at University College, said: “Dreaming Spires is a board game that lets 3-5 players lead an Oxford college from the medieval era through to the modern day.

“The eccentric characters and tumultuous events of Oxford’s history are brought to life in cards, featuring original illustrations, famous quotes and amusing written accounts.”

The aim of the game is to boost your college’s reputation, which falls into four categories: Beauty, Academics, Status and Sociability. Each turn of the game has an historical event that pits the colleges against each other. The winner of each round becomes the Chancellor, and leads play in the next round.

The game is available to download for free and will be fully released in 2014, once Hogan secures more funding.