Teddy Hall student in Indian charity cycle

A Teddy Hall student has raised over £3,000 by cycling 540km across India this summer.

Fourth year mathematician Kevin Minors completed the cycle in order to raise funds for the charity Childreach International.

No stranger to adventurous means of fundraising, last summer, he climbed the 5,895 metre Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, raising over £4,000.

Minors said the most difficult aspect of the trip was psychological.

He commented: “I found myself constantly questioning whether I was actually making a difference in India by being on this trip, or was I just another tourist out to find a new display picture and photo album[…]it was very tough at times.”

The trip took Kevin through the arid northern state of Rajasthan, completing his expedition just outside the state, at the world famous Taj Mahal.

Childreach International, Kevin’s chosen charity, works to secure basic rights for children across the world, providing education, medicine and security. He found his charity at a “Choose your Challenge” fair in Oxford two years ago, and has now raised over £7,000 across his two trips.

After his fundraising drive, he spent another week in India observing the local culture.

Although Kevin has no trips planned in the near future, he hopes to continue his fundraising throughout Michaelmas term. In fifth week, he is participating in Oxford RAG’s bungee jump, commenting, “How often do you have the opportunity to go bungee jumping?”