The Oxstu’s 5th Week Blues Playlist


‘Gloomy Sunday’ – Billie Holiday

When feeling down, you never want to start on a truly upbeat track. Wallow in the emotion of Holiday’s voice

‘For the Widows in Paradise’ – Sufjan Stevens

Further fodder for the mournful soul. Listen to this if you literally can’t tear yourself out of bed. Poor thing.

‘Strong’ – London Grammar

Empower your will to write that next essay with this gem. Sing along too, this tune will forever give you a boost.

‘Roar’ – Katy Perry

Commercial, but poignant. Why are you feeling down when you can be a fucking tiger when listening to this?

‘Moving On Up’ – M People

A classic from the 90’s, and an absolute good mood tune. Time to break free, nothing can stop you.

‘Gentleman’ – Fela Kuti

Another feel  good track, but this time from the king of Afrobeat.  This is sure to blow the blues away, and get you up and dancing for 6th week.

‘Dramophone’ – Caravan Palace

Electro-swing at its finest. Feeling groovy? Cool. Fight those 5th week blues.

‘Tunak Tunak Tun’ – Daler Mehndi

There’s no way you can feel down listening to this. We dare you to not tap your feel, to not bust a move.

‘Perfect Day’ – Lou Reed

Alright, that’s enough being off your face on joy. Let Reed’s poetic meanderings set the mood for the rest of term,  and carry on.


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